Pittsburg Man Arrested For Shining Laser at CHP Helicopter During Sideshow


At approximately 2:18 am Sunday, a CHP Helicopter responded to a report of multiple sideshows within the City of Oakland.

The first sideshow at 42nd Ave and I-880 involved approximately 50 vehicles. Shortly there after the sideshow dispersed and moved to the area of 54th Ave and International Blvd. The 54th Ave sideshow involved approximately 200 vehicles. There were fireworks being shot into the air and multiple reports of gunfire from within the sideshow.

CHP monitored the sideshow from a safe distance when they began to be struck by a green laser multiple times. The helicopter crew located the suspect who was shining the laser and monitored him from a distance until he left the sideshow. They followed the suspect as he entered a white sedan and left the area. The crew directed Oakland CHP ground units to the suspects location.

The suspect was a 23 year old male from Pittsburgh and was arrested for shining a laser at an aircraft along with various other charges. If convicted the suspect will face felony State charges, Federal Charges, and upon conviction a fine of $11,000 per laser strike by the FAA.

The California Highway Patrol will continue to monitor sideshows and arrest those who participate.

For the video released by CHP, click here.


  1. In addition, we need to make a law that if you participate in a sideshow you will lose driving privilege for life. No second chance, you are banned from driving…period. These children should not get a second chance. No ultimatums, no forgiveness or in the words of the Cobra Kai…NO MERCY!

    • They’ll just drive illegally. They’re not law abiding citizens, and the law doesn’t apply to them. Which means they’ll keep on driving with no license and no insurance, and we all get screwed.

  2. I’m sure some Oakland defense lawyer will blame it on the police somehow and nothing will happen to him. Probably an entrapment defense or it’s just kids being kids… not their fault. They’re just having fun. That city is a joke. If you travel through Oakland or SF, you are risking your life. Don’t risk it.

  3. Technology vs Technology: I like how easily they were caught. Play stupid and you will get caught.

  4. Police should immediately block EVERY street which could be used by these side show culprits to get away! Then, they should arrest them one-by-one and confiscate their vehicles. A chopper can easily direct the police to which streets should be blocked. Hem those idiots in!

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