Pittsburg: Head-on Vehicle Crash With Unconscious Child on Kirker Pass


At 4:16 pm Thursday, Contra Costa County Fire units were dispatched to a report of a vehicle crash at Kirker Pass and Railroad in the City of Pittsburg.

It was reported that the crash involved three vehicles with a driver sustaining a head injury and there was an unconscious child in the vehicle.

Units arrived on scene by 4:25 pm, Engine 85 arrived on scene and confirmed this was a head on crash that involved 3-vehicles just south of Kirker Creek Apartments.

The roadway was being shutdown.

By 4:49 pm, both AMR units were transporting patients to local hospitals.

Check back for updates.


  1. Just drove past after EMS arrived. Horrific crash!!! I thought for sure someone had lost life. I hope that is not the case. 🙁

    • I hate Kirker Pass and avoid driving on it as much as possible. People have had some close calls on that road. It’s a very poorly designed road and drivers tend to speed and some lose control especially when the accelerate downhill. As one enters Concord, things get worse.

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    • Your showing your age again. Hall pass is expired. Get back to class. Oh wait!!! You don’t have any class.
      BTW. Don’t have a cell phone and if you look at the time I posted and did a little arithmetic your brain cell may get tired.

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