Pittsburg: Bicyclist Dies After Being Struck by Vehicle on Railroad Ave


The Pittsburg Police Department reports at 11:26 PM Friday, officers responded to a vehicle versus bicyclist collision at the intersection of Railroad Ave and Castlewood Drive.

When officers arrived, the bicyclist was located in the southbound lanes of Railroad Ave. The man was suffering from head trauma and immediately transported to John Muir Walnut Creek where he was pronounced deceased. The driver of the involved vehicle remained on scene and was cooperative throughout the investigation.

Impairment nor distracted driving appeared to be a factor in the cause of the collision.

The Pittsburg Police Department Fatal Accident Response Team responded and took over the investigation. It was determined the driver of the vehicle was traveling northbound on Kirker Pass Road approaching the intersection of Castlewood Drive with a steady green signal for their direction of travel.

The bicyclist entered the roadway westbound crossing Railroad Avenue on his bike in the crosswalk. The driver attempted to avoid the collision with the bicyclist, but was unable to do so.

The identification of the bicyclist is being withheld pending notification to their family.

This investigation remains active and officers are examining the city’s video surveillance system, as well as video from area businesses, that may have captured the incident. The Pittsburg Police Department asks anyone with additional information to please contact the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.

Information released by Pittsburg Police Department


  1. We all had to turn around and drive back to Concord after commuting home from SF on BART. Bailey Road is horrid from Concord to Pittsburg. 45 mph speed limit on Bailey with the condition of that road isn’t even doable in my vehicle unless I want to ruin it. Lanes are so narrow, I am surprised there aren’t more reported accidents.

  2. Hey MEV, no one cares about your commute or that you had to turn around due to the road being closed because someone lost their life. And according to the article, this accident occurred on Railroad Ave. near Kirker Pass Rd. and not on Bailey Rd. You comment on road conditions on a road that’s not mentioned in this article and don’t even mention or care that someone passed away in the accident.

  3. @ MEV. You should’ve taken BART to Pittsburg. It’s really too bad this was such an inconvenience to you and your perfect car that can’t handle the third world conditions of Bailey road.

  4. Oh boohoo MEV. Try taking BART to Pittsburg or Antioch next time. It might save your poor car the wear and tear it receives on Bai…..wait who the hell mentioned Bailey road? That road has zero to do with Railroad, Kirker Pass or Castlewood. Sorry you were so inconvenienced :/ I’m sure the person who lost their life is really sorry too. Get a grip you inconsiderate, whining, crybaby.

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