Pittsburg: 3 Injured in Crash on Pittsburg-Antioch Highway


At 2:01 pm, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway at Loveridge in the City of Pittsburg after a multi-vehicle crash.

According to AMR on scene, a total of 5 vehicles were involved with six people sustaining injuries. A total of 3 AMR units were requested to the scene.

As of 2:30 pm, AMR reported that 12-patients were considered “green” and that only 3 were being transported to local hospitals.


  1. Seems lie more and more there are more injuries and wrecks cars at controled intersections

  2. Yes! People drive like crazy on the Pittsburg/Antioch Highway and the Loveridge intersection has a traffic light which has a very short yellow light . . . I’ve seen quite a few vehicles run into each other there, but not 5 crashing into each other like they did this time. Also, cars are built from flimsy material and are like aluminum cans these days. This is why buying a restored vintage car (muscle cars) is gaining in popularity.

    • I searched and found quite a few “muscle” cars and bought some. When one of the new ‘tin can” cars hit my “muscle” one, the tin can looked like an accordion while there was not a scratch on mine. I will never buy those flimsy ones. The older cars weer built to last. And have you noticed how many cars now CATCH FIRE? I don’t remember anything like that happening in the past.

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