Pittsburg: 3 Injured in Crash on Pittsburg-Antioch Highway


At 2:01 pm, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway at Loveridge in the City of Pittsburg after a multi-vehicle crash.

According to AMR on scene, a total of 5 vehicles were involved with six people sustaining injuries. A total of 3 AMR units were requested to the scene.

As of 2:30 pm, AMR reported that 12-patients were considered “green” and that only 3 were being transported to local hospitals.


  1. Yes! People drive like crazy on the Pittsburg/Antioch Highway and the Loveridge intersection has a traffic light which has a very short yellow light . . . I’ve seen quite a few vehicles run into each other there, but not 5 crashing into each other like they did this time. Also, cars are built from flimsy material and are like aluminum cans these days. This is why buying a restored vintage car (muscle cars) is gaining in popularity.

    • I searched and found quite a few “muscle” cars and bought some. When one of the new ‘tin can” cars hit my “muscle” one, the tin can looked like an accordion while there was not a scratch on mine. I will never buy those flimsy ones. The older cars weer built to last. And have you noticed how many cars now CATCH FIRE? I don’t remember anything like that happening in the past.


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