Pit Bull Shot and Killed During Concord SWAT Operation, Police K9 Recovering


The Concord Police Department announced Sunday that K9 “Hancock” will recover after bite injuries occurred during a SWAT call-out in Oakley on Saturday.

According to Police, a pit bull from the house they were serving the search and arrest warrant at broke loose from a collar and charged at Concord officers and police K9 Hancock.

The pit bull bit Hancock on the leg and then clamped onto Hancock’s neck.

Police said via social media that one of their officers had to shoot the pit bull to prevent further injury or death to Hancock and possibly injury to the officers.

Hancock was taken to an emergency vet hospital for treatment yesterday and he is now recuperating at home.

Press Releases: Suspect in Murder Investigation Arrested

Just before 2 AM this morning, Concord Police Department received a report of a shooting in front of the Nica Lounge located at 1907 Salvio St in Concord. Officers arrived within minutes of the initial report and found a 43 year old man on the ground. Lifesaving efforts were attempted but he died at the scene of an apparent gunshot wound. His identity is being withheld pending notification of his family.

Witnesses provided information about a suspect, later determined to be a 27 year old man. Multiple witnesses were interviewed and he was identified as the shooter. Since this investigation is still active and other witnesses may be interviewed, the suspect’s name is not being released at this time.

The investigation led the Concord Police Department to the City of Oakley where we believed the suspect to live. Based on the severity of the crime, the Concord Police SWAT Team was activated and served a high-risk search warrant in the 1900 block of Teresa Ln in Oakley. The suspect was not found at this residence. We would like to thank the Oakley Police Department for providing assistance to our officers during this event.

Later in the day, Concord Police received information for the California Highway Patrol that the suspect was involved in a single vehicle collision and taken to a hospital for treatment. He was placed under arrest and due to his medical status remained in the hospital. Due to security and privacy concerns, the name and location of the hospital is being withheld.

The Concord Police Department would like to thank the citizens who called the police and helped with the investigation the led to the successful identification and arrest of the suspect. We will provide more information in a news release as information becomes available.

UPDATE: The homicide suspect is now in custody. We will provide additional information shortly.


At about 1:50 AM, the Concord Police Department received a report of a shooting in the 1900 block of Salvio St near Adobe St. Officers arrived on scene within minutes and found a man on the ground. Lifesaving efforts were attempted by officers and arriving fire/medical personnel but the man died at the scene.

Detectives were called to assist with the investigation which is ongoing and active. We are in the preliminary stages of this investigation and do not have further information to provide.

For updated information as it becomes available for release, please visit our Facebook page.

Anyone with information about this investigation is encouraged to call Detective Greg Mahan at (925) 603-5817 or the Anonymous Tip Line at (925) 603-5836.

If there are further media inquiries, please contact Lt. Nakayama at (925) 671-3260.



  1. So glad that Hancock is recovering from his wounds. I hope his handler will give him some extra petting. Good dog!

  2. Too bad the pit bull dog who was in its right to protect its domain which is completely normal was put down . I kind of find it insensitive that Concord PD didn’t believe the parents at the house when they were told the suspect wasn’t there and continued the serch. Smells of Lawsuit good!

  3. I’m glad Hancock is recovering too. He was just doing his job, and the pit bull had to be shot and killed to save Hancock. Prayers.

  4. Good job on saving Officer Hancock! Glad you took action which saved his life. BAN pit bulls and their miserable mixes.

  5. I have no love for pit bulls. They were bred to KILL and nothing more. They should not be permitted as pets. It seems that because convicts cannot own firearms, they choose such dogs as their “firearms” and this is insane. How many children and adults were chewed to pieces by pit bulls? Not to mention people’s pets! This is why I never go out walking my dog empty-handed (if you get my drift).

    • Shut up, German Shepherds are actually more dangerous and account for more bites and kills then Pit Bulls, you are highly misinformed. Do some research before spewing non sense out your mouth. Any dog can become dangerous when the owners train them that way. Just because you hear only about Pit Bulls on the news is why you have developed this worthless opinion

  6. Thank GOD K/9 Hancock is recovering! To the person that said he felt a lawsuit was evident! Not so fast take a class in Criminal Justice, K/9 Hancock under the letter of the Law is a sworn officer. The pit bull broke loose from his collar and attacked K/9 Hancock! His Domain? Guarding a drug house? I have no doubt the warrant was in force! Or a phitizer warrant was in force. K/9 ?‍♀️ Officers And there K/s Matter! To my brothers &Sisters professional special operations! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  7. I’m glad Hancock is going to be ok. But for the love of Christ stfu about pit bulls being the devil. “Omg they are killers!” “They should be banned!” “Shouldn’t be pets!” Get your head out of your uneducated ass. Spend some time with a pitbull before making a judgment. ALL dogs have the potential to bite, harm, kill. ALL. It’s not the dog, but the owner and how they choose to raise their animal. I have a pit bull/mastiff mix and an APBT pure bread and trust them BOTH with my life. I have no doubt that they will never harm me. I am in charge and their parent, they know what I say goes. Will they protect me and harm another for me if they feel I’m in danger? Bet your sweet, ignorant ass they would. That’s their job. So, don’t screw with me or our home and they won’t bite your face off. It’s called respect. They deserve it just like you do. And I will continue to be an advocate for their breed and be a voice they don’t have. It’s just too bad so many people have convicted these babies for the few bad deeds a few bad apples that share their features and name have done. We’re so past that. Smh.

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