Photos: Police Chase Ends in Antioch


A police chase came to an end in an Antioch neighborhood Wednesday night where a driver of a white vehicle led police through portions East Contra Costa County.

At this time we do not yet know why the driver was running from police, but radio traffic stated the driver likely had a gun and showed it to police.  The subject was caught on  Longview Road in Antioch off G Street and reportedly received a canine bite where AMR was requested.

According to radio traffic, the chase covered parts of Pittsburg, Bay Point, Antioch, Kirker Pass, Highway 4 with speeds as high as 90-mph on Highway 4.  Along Buchanan, top speeds were around 55-mph.

The subject also reportedly lives on Alger Rd in Antioch where he circled the neighborhood several times. Police also tried to have the subjects brother contact the driver to pull over.

During the pursuit, the vehicle had four flat tires and was driving on its rims causing sparks to fly before eventually losing tires. Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was called during the pursuit after there was reportedly a car fire inside the vehicle from the sparks. A California Highway Patrol officer was hit during the chase but is okay.

The incident involved Antioch Police, Pittsburg Police, Richmond Police, California Highway Patrol and Contra Costa County Sheriffs units.

Not to be forgotten in the incident is the vital role dispatch played in the chase keeping officers from multiple jurisdictions in the loop with solid communication and up-to-date information.

The information posted has not yet been verified and is only based off radio traffic and may change.

Check back for details.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Shamrock, Jason Blackwood, Junior Melendez, Raul Sanchez and Richie Koslowski



  1. Thank you again for being the best place for me to get my news. Also, thank you to Anthony Shamrock, Jason Blackwood, Junior Melendez, and Raul Sanchez for sharing your photos for all to see. Nice work law enforcement!

  2. Amazed that no one was hurt in the incident. He was driving through the neighborhood many many many times with so many people outside watching. Thank you police for finally getting this person off the streets.

  3. The way he was driving and at the speeds he was traveling at, it’s amazing that the only person who was injured was the suspect and that was a bite on the arm by an Antioch P.D. K-9.

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