Photos: ECCFPD Knocks Down E. Cypress Road Vegetation Fire


While the 200 plus acre fire in Brentwood will get all the headlines, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Engines 93 and 94 get credit for a nice save that occurred on E. Cypress Road at 2:52 pm which entailed two separate fires of a few hundred feet each around the Jersey Island Road. Engine 93 and 94 split the two fires upon arrival with 93 taking the fire prior to Jersey Island Road while 94 focused on the larger vegetation fire.

What was significant about this fire was 93 was pulled as the call came in for the large Brentwood vegetation fire which left 94 to clean up the incident.  It is believed that a tractor hit a rock which sparked the blaze.  Crews were on scene for about 70-minutes.

On a side note: drivers on E. Cypress should take caution when they see the big red and green engines with lights on them and slow down and do not try and pass. Drivers were very lucky that there was no head on collisions as drivers tried to pass around the engines as the crews worked. Had the sheriff or Oakley PD been on scene, multiple tickets would have been issued.


  1. HELLO CITY OF OAKLEY–I have been warning the city of the serious fire danger in that exact spot and all along the ditches along East Cypress Rd and Bethel Island Rd. for several years. The response from the city has been excuses and a really piss poor attempt at mowing. Actually you can’t call what was done by a city employee mowing, it was more like driving over the weeds and pushing them down. We were very very lucky that the wind wasn’t blowing the right direction and that the fire crews were able to get a handle on it quickly. Next time we may not be as lucky. And where was Oakley PD? As usual the people driving up and down this road weren’t slowing down. Never mind the flashing red lights and the active fire. My husband observed one driver almost crash into one the fire rigs.

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