Patrick Vanier Announces Candidacy For Contra Costa County District Attorney

Patrick Vanier has announced he will run against Mark Peterson for Contra Costa District Attorney

SAN RAMON – Thursday, Patrick Vanier, Supervising Deputy District Attorney for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office Narcotics Prosecution Team, will be kicking off his campaign for Contra Costa County District Attorney.

Vanier, who is from San Ramon, will run against Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson who has held the seat since 2010.

Vanier has been a prosecutor for almost 20 years and has prosecuted hundreds of criminals; both in the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office and now in the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

“Today, prosecutors are not just trial attorneys,” said Vanier.  “They are investigators, problem solvers, innovators, and community partners in combating crime.  I have proven to be a prosecutor with fresh ideas and a willingness to institute best practices to bring the criminal justice system into the 21st Century.”

Earlier this year, Vanier was awarded the 2017 San Jose Police Department’s Excellence in Prosecution Award and in 2015 he was named California Narcotics Officers’ Association State Prosecutor of the Year.  Vanier is an experienced prosecutor whose area of expertise is wiretap investigations, especially in major narcotic and gang crime investigations.

“I am running for District Attorney because I believe we should expect more and deserve better from our elected District Attorney,” said Vanier.  “My priorities are to enforce and prosecute laws fairly to ensure offenders who threaten public safety are locked up, utilize the latest technologies, data analytics, and community prosecution models to address rising crime rates through crime prevention and enforcement, and hold myself and the attorney’s in the office to the highest ethical standards.”

Vanier will be launching his campaign website later this week.

If you go to the kickoff:

WHO:  Patrick Vanier, candidate for Contra Costa County District Attorney
WHAT: Campaign Announcement with more than 100 supporters
WHEN: Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 6:30 – 8:30 PM
WHERE: Amador Rancho Community Center
1998 Rancho Park Loop Road
San Ramon, CA



  1. Good ole Mark. Really?

    “Over a four-year period, Peterson spent more than $66,000 in campaign funds on himself, according to a settlement agreement with the commission that was made public Monday. Peterson has agreed to pay a $45,000 fine levied by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission over allegations he used his political campaign account for personal expenses.”* (aka: plea bargain)

    This is ILLEGAL people. We have a DA who casually breaks the law.

    “This was no minor violation for reporting technicalities. This was an egregious breach of the state Political Reform Act. The prohibition against personal use of campaign funds aims to reduce corruption by ensuring contributors’ money does not end up in pockets of candidates and elected officials.” **

    “Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson acknowledged today that “several police officers had sexual relations with an admitted prostitute,” but they won’t be charged with a crime because “none of the sex was in exchange for money or anything of value.” ***

    But, police officers having sex with a prostitute doesn’t ring any warning bells? The “admitted prostitute” was a minor.

    Sorry folks, he needs to go.

    He should resign.

    Patrick Vanier has got my vote. He is very qualified to take the role of our District Attorney. His record is squeaky clean.




    • Sean, don’t ever mistake what you read in the newspaper as “news”. Often rags like the “Times” Mercury News” pass off editorials as actual stories. They aren’t. The two individuals that make up the editorial board are clowns. I personally know that they have zero integrity based on past experience with them. They lack credibility and judgement. They should resign.

      You should believe less than 1/2 of what you read. Ring any bells?

      Mark Petersen has been doing a good job and deserves re-election.

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