Orchard Park School Parents Alerted After Student Approached by Man After School


On Friday, Orchard Park School in Oakley issued a notice to parents that a girl walking home Thursday from school was approached by a male who attempted to coheres her into getting into the car.

Oakley Police were on school grounds Friday afternoon as a precaution.

Here is a copy of the notice issued to parents:

This is Orchard Park School calling with an important safety announcement. Administration at Orchard Park  has just confirmed on November 29th that there was an adult male in an older white car attempting to pick up one of our students as she walked from school. The student is safe and the police have been notified.

Please take a moment to review stranger danger with your children and to remind them to never speak to a stranger and always walk in pairs or groups when possible. If your student is every approached by a stranger please remind them to tell a school official or law enforcement officer immediately.  As always, your child’s safety is our number one concern. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions or concerns.

No further information was released.


  1. This is an ELEMENTARY school, which means these are very young children attending. Children that you should NEVER be allowed to walk to or from school alone and even in groups, can pose a danger. Adult should deliver the child to and from school at all times. If the parents are not available, then the volunteers should be doing it. There are more crazies out there now than there ever existed in the past. Guard your children!

    • Letting your child walk to school is HEALTHY, as long as they use the buddy system. Even Marc Klass, whose only daughter was kidnapped and murdered says it’s safe as long as you use the buddy system. Adults delivering the child to school is HELICOPTER PARENTING, and that is as bad as neglect and abuse. Unless you want your child to be fearful, timid and dependent on you the rest of your life. I prefer strong, independent children, and being able to make it to and from school on your own is the first sign of independence and confidence for a child. Do you let your child outside the house after school, or are you afraid of that too? Unbelievable.

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