Oct. 18: Halloween Costume Exchange and Giveaway


You are invited to exchange old kids Halloween costumes on October 18th at the Halloween Costume Exchange and Giveaway in Antioch.

The event will be held from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at 300 L Street in Antioch at Antioch Animal Services.

According to Kristy Daugherty, of Knightsen, there are around 100 costumes available for exchange. They will also be accepting donations for next year.

This event is made possible after Daugherty began collecting costumes after last Halloween because wanted to ensure each kid had access to a Halloween costume because some families cannot afford to purchase costumes or they were stuck making them from scratch.

She had the idea to collect costumes because while handing out candy, she saw trick-or-treaters without costumes.

“I am sure we have all seen the poor little guy in his jammies and a pillow case with the saddest look,” said Daugherty. “I want to prevent that from happening.”


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