Oakley’s 2014-2022 Housing Element Ad-Hoc Committee Expands



On Tuesday night, the Oakley City Council voted to increase the 2014-2022 Housing Element Update Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee from 3 members to 5 members after a short discussion on whether or not councilmembers should be on the committee.

Councilwoman Diane Burgis asked the council to consider increasing the committee from three members to 5 members stating 3 was not enough community input—she also requested the council consider placing 2 councilmembers on the committee.

Mayor Kevin Romick stated that they did work with a 7-member planning commission and thought it was too many. Later they found out 7 was too big and a 5-person commission worked really well.

“I’d rather not see any council on there so the influence isn’t there. I have no problem with the size of five, but I don’t want to see any councilmembers on there,” said Romick.

Councilman Doug Hardcastle agreed with the size of 5 citizens and thought it was a good idea, but not include any councilmembers.

Vice Mayor Randy Pope also liked the idea of increasing the committee size to five and wanted it renamed to a “citizen advisory committee”.

Burgis still shared her preference of including council as a way to build a bridge and have an understanding of the history of what has been done and something city council could approve to move forward while representing what citizens are asking for.

Councilwoman Carol Rios stated she respected the opinion of Burgis, but was not in favor of it.

“Five is a good number, but would not like to see councilmembers on it because it gives the committee the chance to work through whole process. I really have to tell you from the history I have, the citizens have an understanding of what is going on,” explained Rios. “This is an opportunity for those who feel like their voices are not being heard to participate and get involved” said Rios. “I look forward to seeing this group come forward and give us good advice.”

Approved 5-0 for five citizens to be appointed.

The city will be accepting applications through July 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm. Interviews are expected to be conducted on August 13, 2013. For more information, contact Josh McMurray at (925) 625-7004 or email [email protected]

About the Committee:

The Housing Element is a required Element of the City of Oakley’s General Plan and includes goals and objectives to achieve housing for all segments of the community, including affordable housing. The State of California requires Housing Element to be updated every eight years. The purpose of the Housing