Oakley: Woman in Custody on Domestic Violence and Vandalism Charges


Fall Lane

Friday evening, we had multiple readers reach out to us about an incident on Fall Lane in Oakley as multiple police arrived on scene and surrounded a home.  

According to Police Chief Bani Kollo, this was a domestic violence arrest with some vandalism charges included. He stated that although there was multiple police officers on scene, it netted one arrest of a female subject. The Chief provided no further details on the charges or type of vandalism that occurred.


  1. Is this really news? Its not something the world should be alerted to, its a personal matter.

    • Yes its news Its local news and that’s just what we locals want to read. That might be why your a former chamber member. (You didn’t care!)

  2. The thing is, it was something the police responded to so people are interested. Do we need to know about everything? Probably not but most people are curious.

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