Oakley: Subject Arrested Friday Morning After Evading Police


oakley pd

Around 11:30 am Friday morning, multiple Oakley Police Officers followed a subject to Tuolumne Way in Oakley after failing to stop for Oakley PD. Police followed him to the home where he went inside and police pulled him out. He was arrested for evading police and booked at the county jail according to Oakley Police Chief Bani Kollo. 

According to multiple witnesses on the street, guns were drawn and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office also participated in the arrest.

The reasoning for not stopping for police was not provided.


  1. I guess because of my husband working in law enforcement for so many years that I laughed about the part that guns were drawn. Of course the officers and deputies had their fire arms out. A suspect failed to yield and ran into a house. Did he have a weapon? Did he have access one in the house? Why did he run? Was he wanted, had warrants? Or did he just commit a crime? Way too many people get all worked up over the sight of a gun but too many officers have been killed walking up to houses and cars. Officer safety first!!

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