Oakley Police Provides Update to School Threats


The following update was provided by Oakley Police Chief Chris Thorsen.

Over the past few days we’ve seen the negative side of social media within our community. Someone has chosen to threaten the safety of the children of our community and with the events in the world around us, no one can blame anyone for being a little nervous. I thinks it is important to share with the community some background and another update.

In mid September, Administrators at the High School were made aware of a series of inappropriate comments sent from a social media account to several young ladies on the campus. This case was assigned to our investigators to talk to the individuals involved and work to identify the person(s) who had sent the message. Since the time of the original message, there have been several messages to students from this fictitious social media account.

On Tuesday evening, a direct threat was sent from the same social media account. The threat was criminal in nature, and taken seriously by all involved. Throughout the night we worked with the School Principal Kelly Manke to assess the threat and safeguard the students. Our joint assessment of the threat confirmed that the routine at the campus should not be interrupted.

On Wednesday, we requested assistance from all of our local, state, and federal partners to investigate the threat to the campus. We have received significant assistance from a variety of Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies for which I am extremely grateful. We’ve also received assistance from the School District and members of the community. In addition to following the messages and social media account, we also deployed additional officers at the school to ensure the safety of our students. Our investigation of this matter has continued night and day throughout this incident.

Today, we continue our partnership with the School District in holding this individual accountable, both criminally and civilly. We’ve updated our threat assessment regarding this incident and continue to support the decision not to interrupt the normal routine at the campus. Understandably, we’ve received dozens of calls from concerned parents. The safety of our students is our priority. Anyone with information that can assist us in our investigation is asked to use our email tip line at: [email protected]

information provided to Chief Chris Thorsen


  1. kid is probably using a vpn or some kinda proxy server cause they probably would of got em by now.

  2. I hope that the parents of this perpetrator are charged with the increased police presence and lack of state funds (due to students absent). Maybe these dead-beat parents will start to pay more attention to what their children are doing in general and on Social Media. America is so content to deflect responsibility. Grow up and be a parent if you have children.

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