Oakley Police Make Arrest in Diamond Hills Athletic Club Vehicle Burglaries


On February 22nd at approximately 11:00 a.m., the Oakley Police Department received a call of a suspicious person at the Diamond Hills Athletic Club.

An alert citizen noticed a subject in the parking lot who appeared to be walking through, looking into vehicles. The citizen was also able to provide a description of a vehicle the subject was driving. Over the past several weeks there have been numerous thefts of property from vehicles parked at the gym.

The first Oakley police unit arrived within three minutes of the call. The officer saw the suspect vehicle driving away from the parking lot.

Officers attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver fled and led Oakley police Officers on a pursuit into the City of Pittsburg. Ultimately the suspect fled on foot from the vehicle and was captured by pursuing officers from the Oakley Police Department.

A 17-year-old male, from Pittsburg, was taken into custody and booked at Juvenile Hall for charges of evading arrest and resisting an officer.



  1. I agree with the comment that OPD rocks…the cops do care and they are stakeholders in the community and they will respond to all calls for service. I live in Antioch and although more cops would be better, it isn’t the only issue that ails our community. Collectively, the residents, especially the families need to take control of their city and be responsible parents. The police department, is only as good as its leadership, and I know from first hand experience that the leaders and their subordinates are overwhelmed and don’t seem to care about the minor issues that plague our community. Blight continues to be a community eyesore and theft often goes unreported. Add to that a sense of “unapproachability” if you happen to want to report a crime or talk to an officer/ representative of the PD , and you have a perfect storm for rampant crime.

  2. OPD was on the scene in 3 minutes? If you think that’s impressive, had this occurred in Antioch, APD would have been in the scene in 3 hours.

  3. THANK YOU TO THE PERSON THAT CALLED THE OAKLEY POLICE. no one mentioned you, this wonderful observent person. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Thank YOU for cooperating with police to review all of your video. That purse in the middle of the street was mine. My window was smashed and purse stolen three weeks ago in the parking lot. They found my purse on Neroly by Dynasty.

    It takes all of us pulling together to rid our wonderful city of these thieving scumbags. Our police are wonderful as well and even called to follow up with me and let me know of updates on the case.

    Thank you also to the observant person who called the police yesterday!!

  5. I’m glad they finally caught someone on these break-in’s… Unfortunately, the article was incorrect when it’s stated over the last several weeks there have been break-ins at Diamond Hills gym. There have been break-ins at the gym since the beginning of December that’s a little more than a couple of weeks you’re talking months so putting it bluntly it’s been more than several weeks! I don’t want to come across as a Negative Nancy on here ..again I’m glad that they caught the seventeen-year-old person.
    I just have a feeling there’s more than one person that’s doing the break-ins over there, at these gyms. Diamond Hills is not the only gym that’s been broken into, I do think however it is the gym that has had the most break-ins.
    As a person that’s been a victim of one of the break-ins I do think that it’s sad that it’s taking this long to make an arrest.. even though PD was out there in the parking lot most days on an off..
    You would think with with as many break-ins as that gym had ..40 alone in one month they would have hired their own private security. I have only been back once since I was a victimized.. and am still scared to go back ..still scared that my vehicle or my daughters vehicle will get broken into again. I know y’all are probably saying it’s not that big of deal, get over.. well it’s not a big deal, till it happens to you! Till all your personal information has been stolen from you! Money has been stolen, charges continue adding up on your credit cards, personal items that are stolen that are of value, not to mentioned you have to repair the broken window and then have your vehicle detailed inside due to all the broken glass! Guess it’s not that big of a deal to most.. but it’s a big deal to me! I was there in that parking lot that night.. There we’re two guys! So, they only caught one ..and God only knows who ever else is out there break-in cars, sexual assaulting women, and stealing vehicles!! Be aware of your surrounding, don’t leave items in view inside your car.
    By the way my item (at night) wasn’t even in view, it was way out of sight! Do not fiddle Faddle around in your car.. once you get where your going (aka I did not do this either)! Please be safe!

    • Omg, anonymous, maybe you should move you and you family to a safe place. So glad you ok. Must have be awful that they found you stuff. Omg.

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