Oakley Police Chief Talks Traffic Citations


Oakley Police Chief Chris Thorsen talks about traffic citations and how they have helped reduce traffic crashes in the City of Oakley.

Here is what he wrote:

There’s a saying when it comes to traffic enforcement.  “You can write wrecks or you can write tickets, but you’re going to write something”.

Some may be aware the Oakley Police Department has emphasized our traffic enforcement efforts over the last six months.  Initially this was dubbed the “Slow Down Oakley” campaign.

In addition, we have added a third traffic enforcement position and scheduled as to have at least one dedicated traffic officer on duty, seven days per week.

The increased effort has resulted in more citations being issued by our staff.  For the last half of 2016, 532 citations were issued.  For the same period of 2017, 788 citations were issued. During the same period we experienced a reduction in traffic collisions of approximately 30%.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not issue citations for the purpose of generating revenue.   Fines from traffic citations are split by many entities.   The State, County, City, and Courts all take a “slice of the pie”.  Effectively, there is little financial upside to citations for the City of Oakley.  We write citations in an effort to enhance and improve safety for those using our roadways.

From time to time members of the Oakley Police Department hear the common saying, “Don’t you have anything better to do than write tickets?”. The numbers are clear, those tickets are having the desired


  1. Thank you for taking our safety as a true concern in our community. So tired of all the speeding taking place in Oakley and on Hwy 4. Just not safe to drive anywhere anymore.

  2. This is such garbage. I know who I’m voting against next time. It’s drivers like Jilly that are the real dangers…people who drive slow typically have no situational awareness, they have no interest in driving and see it as a way to get from point a to point b. And because they have no interest or enthusiasm for it, they are awful at it. As a motorcyclist, I’m most concerned around oblivious, slow drivers…they ALWAYS make the most mistakes.

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