Oakley Police Chief Talks On Street Parking


The following information was released by Oakley Police Chief Thorsen

The police Department often receives calls regarding parking on the street. The calls vary from vehicles being parked for extended periods of time to residents parking in areas, other than the front of their own home.

The Oakley Municipal Code allows for parking of a vehicle on the street for five consecutive business days. Barring any other violations, when we receive a complaint of vehicles being parked for extended periods of time, our staff will place a warning notice on vehicles.

If the vehicle does not move for five business days, it will be towed. The most important issue is typically, “my neighbor parks in front of my house instead of his.”

The public right of way (streets) are owned by all of us. Though I would characterize it as being a good neighbor, there is no requirement to park in front of your own property. My experience, at my own home, is that a friendly chat with the neighbor and request not to park in front of your home will usually get you positive results.

If you would like to report a parking issue in your neighborhood the best way is to use our “Oakley OnDemand” system. You can find the link on the City of Oakley website.

Click on “Report a concern” tab. On street parking can be found in the Police Department section.

For parking concerns or inoperable or parked vehicles on private property (driveways, etc.) please use the Code Enforcement tab in Oakley OnDemand.


  1. Antioch does take care of this. There are several alternatives to solve this. Phone. SeeClickFix. The City website all give you options and they work!

  2. Antioch honestly dies nothing regarding parking on streets or within a court. I know first hand. My neighbors have 21 cars between 3 houses and take up every one if the 6 spaces that is dedicated to the top 6 homes bc there is no curb parking.
    Then the rest of the cars are parked in front of every house down the court. But since it’s “public” nothing can be done. But lucklie if they don’t run or expired they at least tag them n it’s fun watching the Neighbors play musical cars of pulling out the ones that are expired or don’t work and putting in other ones that are. That’s all it ever is. So irritating. And yes I’ve tried speaking to them and yes nothing changes

    • In 2018, its pointless to talk to these kind of neighbors…they just care about themselves and feel entitled…. Im guessing the are Mexican

  3. Parking Wars. I live in a court also. Sometimes you have to involve the police but we have found a neighborly discussion helps.We have a guy who runs a business out of his home and he needs a reminder at times. At least he isn’t parking on the lawn. That really has to be enforced more than it is.

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