Oakley Police Announce Driver Who Struck Child Identified, Vehicle Impounded


Less than 24-hours after seeking help from the public in identifying a driver who struck a 6-year-old child Tuesday, police announced they have identified the driver and have impounded the vehicle.

Here is the note from Oakley Police:

Thank you to all that shared information regarding the hit and run that took place this week on O’Hara Ave. Information from residents led the PD to the vehicle and the suspected driver. The vehicle has been impounded as evidence and the suspected driver is cooperating with the investigation. This is yet another example of Oakley residents stepping up to help keep our community safe!

No further information was provided by police Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, Oakley Police stated that on Tuesday May 9th at 4:45pm, Oakley police officers responded to a hit and run on O’hara Ave and Francisco Villa. Two vehicles going northbound stopped for a child to cross the street in the cross walk.

While the 6-year old was crossing the street a white pickup truck (see photos) passed the vehicles on the right and struck the child in the leg.

The suspect vehicle fled northbound, turning westbound onto Main Street, running the red light. The suspect vehicle continued westbound on Main and was last seen passing Vintage Parkway.

The vehicle appears to be a Ford Ranger and the rear end is weighed down. The child was transported to a local hospital with a non-life threatening leg injury an is expected to make a full recovery.

If you have any information on the vehicle, please contact Sergeant Roberts at (925) 308-9303.



  1. Great work OPD, as usual. Please share some of your resources and necessary tools with APD! Had this occurred in Antioch, the driver would not have been caught so soon.

    • The people of Oakley got involved in their community and reported what they witnessed, the police took that information to find the driver. When people are willing to get involved in the community which they live in the community will thrive. Antioch has an outstanding police dept. As more people become involved in making Antioch better, it will become better, it starts with each of us doing our part.

  2. No we all don’t know. I normally so not respond to anything but as a crossing guard right down the street unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me. It happens to me and the kids every day. People are on their phones or
    or so spaced out they do not look around. I am glad our OPD and especially officer Roberts were on the case and that the people of Oakley got involved.

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