Oakley: Patient Airlifted After Major Vehicle Crash on Empire Road


At 1:56 pm Thursday, the East Contra Costa fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle crash at Empire Avenue and Laurel Road in the City of Oakley where one person was airlifted to a local hospital.

According to Engine 53 who arrived on scene, two vehicles were involved in the crash with major damage and one occupant was pinned against the dashboard and needed to be extricated from the vehicle.

The patient was freed from the vehicle by 2:10 pm according to Battalion Chief 5.

A medical helicopter landed at Crockett Park for transport. Expect delays in the area for the time being.



  1. Cell phone Red Light runner as usual. Don’t blame the road, it’s the driver.

  2. Thank heavens it was a nice day so those fair weather ferries couldn’t call off the transport.

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