Oakley: Multiple Injuries in Two-Car Crash on Empire Road


At roughly 9:13 pm, emergency response crews responded to a two car vehicle accident at the intersection of  Neroly Road and Empire Thursday evening in Oakley. No word on how the accident occurred or the extent of the injuries, but it was enough to require multiple ambulances as both vehicles were reportedly blocking the intersection. Engine 93 was on scene for roughly 40-minutes.

Also, it appears the signal lights are out–its unknown if this was caused by the accident or if they were off prior to the incident. Oakley Police and American Medical Response also responded as multiple ambulances were required.

Here are a few photographs courtesy of Nate Anderson

For more photos, visit Nate Anderson at East Bay Freelance Photography


  1. Slow down, pay attention, stay off the phone, etc., etc., etc. And before the “its a dangerous intersection” people start, NO it isn’t. Its a nice wide intersection with good line of sight. Problem is the speeders, red light runners, unsafe lane changes and the lack of traffic enforcement. The local police depts.can do special DUI task forces, maybe its time they do a special task force of basis traffic enforcement. Stopping a speeder or red light runner can save lives just as much as stopping a DUI.

  2. the dangerous part of Neroly Rd is the four corners of Neroly/Saddle…that’s where a steetcleaner did an illegal U-turn and killed my brother!! he was on his motorcycle at 7:45 am….

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