Oakley Man Who Made Threats to Freedom HS, Now Faces Child Pornography Charges

Press Release

Photo provided by Oakley Police

Martinez, Calif. – Today, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed an amended complaint against defendant Tristan Curl, which had additional felony charges for the distribution of child pornography and advertising of and distribution of child pornography. Curl, a resident of Oakley, California and a student living in Austin, Texas, was extradited yesterday back to Contra Costa County by the Sheriff’s Office. A Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge approved the extradition of Curl from Travis County Jail.

Curl is a student at St. Edwards University. This afternoon Curl was arraigned in the Pittsburg Superior Court and he entered a not guilty plea. He remains in custody on $500,000 bail.

The case against Curl is ongoing and there may be additional victims related to the distribution or creation of pornography involving students in Contra Costa County. Anyone with information about Curl’s alleged activities please contact Oakley Police Department Officer Casey Minister at 925-625-8855.

Originally, on November 28, the District Attorney’s office filed criminal charges against Curl for school threats at Freedom High School and for threatening a school administrator. Curl now faces a total of 10 felony counts

Case information: People v. Curl, Docket Number 01-187978-2

Editors Notes:

In an earlier release:

  • the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office charged 19-year-old Tristan Amir Curl, a resident of Oakley, California and a student living in Austin, Texas, with six felony counts of making criminal threats, one felony count of stalking and one felony count of threatening a school official.
  • The investigation spanned 2-months which included Oakley Police, District Attorney’s Office, and FBI.
  • Curl allegedly threatened to murder the school principal. Investigators subsequently identified Curl as the suspect and obtained an arrest warrant for him, which was approved by a Superior Court Judge in Contra Costa County.



  1. This man is a brother at my local diocese, on his way to becoming a priest. He may even be a cardinal one day. Do not judge this man for only God can do that. He will be saved and be a better man. Amen.

    • This man is sick! Threathening thousands of students and a principal, he was literally involved with child pornography and was constantly harrasing younger girls. HE IS LITERALLY NOT OKAY, his brain literally does not function properly like a normal human. He was on his way to become a priest, which makes him even more sick, just imagine someone on a journey to become a priest as they are threatening not just one school but 3 with thousands of students in each. Sending girls nude pictures without there permission or acceptance and constantly harrassing them as well as being involved with child pornography! I dont care if I sound repetive but you need to get it through your head and realize hes going to be in jail for the rest of his life just like he deserves to be. Now I hope God heals all of these people affected by this situation dealing with mental health issues. They will be saved and will prosper. Amen.

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