Oakley: Man Stabbed by Stepson Sunday Afternoon


On Sunday May 14 at approximately 5:45 PM, Oakley Police Officers responded to the 500 block of Freemark Lane for a reported stabbing.

When Officers arrived, they located the victim, a 46 year old Oakley resident in the driveway of his home. Through their investigation, Officers determined the suspect was the victims step son.

The suspect, 23 year old Kentrell Harvey fled prior to Officers arriving.

Officers began searching the area, they located Harvey a few blocks away from the incident and took him into custody. Harvey was ultimately booked at County Jail on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The victim was transported via ambulance to John Muir Medical Center, he was admitted to the hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.



  1. @SH, @RJB; Seems to be exactly what is happening. Combo of age, race and culture. The demographic, in-question, embraces a culture that only cares about money, sex and violence. They subsequently emulate. Huge spikes in VIOLENT crime and associated blight.

    Everyone knows this; few have the stones to call it out, much less fight it. Wouldn’t be tolerated in many parts of the country. County’s own liberal-bent creates an environment where this stuff flourishes.

    • I’ve said it before many times….

      There is no hope for a city that caters to criminals.

      Standing idly by is acquiescing to defeat.

  2. These thugs aren’t Oakley or Antioch residents. They are low life scum bottom feeders. They don’t have a residence, at least til the get caught and put in a cage where they belong.

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