Oakley: Main Street Improvement Project Begins March 20


The City of Oakley announced that downtown Oakley will begin major improvements this spring which begin March 20 and will continue through October.

Construction will be starting at Norcross Lane down to 5th Street.

Currently, under construction is a new public parking lot along Main Street that will be available to the local business customers, employees, and delivery trucks. This new parking lot will provide the Downtown merchants a safe and clear area for loading/unloading supplies for their businesses away from traffic. In future years this parking lot will be expanded toward the railroad tracks to provide even more parking.

The improvements to Main Street will include new curb, gutter, stamped and colored sidewalk, decorative street lighting, median islands, landscaping, and new site furnishings. Also included with the project is a new traffic signal at the intersection of Norcross Lane and Main Street and a pedestrian safety lighting system on Main Street at 2nd and 5th Streets.

The new sidewalk and curb line configuration will provide a safer path of travel for pedestrians and angled parking along the north side of Main Street. The angled parking will be a vast improvement than what exists today and will provide a more structured parking configuration. This project will complement the existing Downtown improvements, encourage new business, will also enhance public safety with the addition of angled parking, sidewalks, and street lighting.

The construction of these improvements is a result of a comprehensive plan to develop and revitalize Oakley’s Downtown and a significant portion is funded by a federal grant.

This project will provide a major enhancement to Downtown Oakley for years to come, by providing a safer area for pedestrians and by promoting new business development.