Oakley Launching VIB (Very Important Business) Program


The City of Oakley announced the launch of a new Oakley Very Important Business (VIB) program to promote local business.

The Oakley Economic Development program works to help existing Oakley businesses grow and succeed. Starting in March, the City is launching the Oakley VIB Program to promote local businesses and to gain a better understanding of their needs.

Through the program, Economic Development staff will visit local companies each month.

The purpose of the visits is to learn more about what is important to the businesses and their industry. By learning more about the business, Economic Development can better address their needs and issues.

The second goal of the VIB Program is to promote local businesses to the greater Oakley
community. Each business that is visited will be featured on the City Economic Development webpage with pictures, video and a narrative about the business.

Dwayne Dalman, Oakley Economic Development Manager, is excited for the program to launch.

“Our Economic Development program has already been doing visits with the business community to help stay in touch with what is important to them and to help us understand how we can meet their needs.  I had heard of another City that was visiting local businesses and then highlighting the business on their web page.  The Oakley VIB program came from that idea of combining a business visit with a way to showcase local businesses to our community.  I’m excited to not only learn about local businesses and how we can help them grow and expand, but also to let our community know about all of the goods and services that they can find here in Oakley.  We want to showcase our Very Important Businesses (VIB).  This program can really be a win, win, win for us, the businesses and the community,” said Dalman.

Interested businesses should call the City Economic Development department at (925) 625-7006 or email at [email protected]