Oakley K-9 Leads Police to Early Morning Armed Burglary Suspect


An Oakley resident in the Quail Valley Run neighborhood awoke during the early morning hours to the sound of a burglary suspect who was armed with a gun.  The suspect immediately fled the home after a brief confrontation. Oakley police arrived shortly and the K-9 tracked the victim to a nearby location. The suspect was arrest and booked in jail.

Details about the male suspect were not released by Oakley Police Chief Bani Kollo as the case is still under investigation, but he did state the suspect was an Oakley resident.

Quail Valley Run is at the far east end of Oakley at the end of Laurel Road. The neighborhood where this morning incident occurred is circled in red.

quail valley run



  1. What is with you Oakley residents and dealings with K-9 units? You had another Oakley resident involved in a robbery in Antioch the other day who was bitten by one of Antioch s K-9’s.

    You actually have 2 robbery suspects in jail right now!

  2. Thanks for sharing this as we never hear what is going on in oakley and that is a shame. It’s too bad the Times or Press never reports police activity because I think the result of that would be a lot more neighborhood watch programs and residents would be on high alert.

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