Oakley Giant Donuts Shop Robbed Early Sunday Morning


giant donut

At 3:45 am, two African American males walked into Giant Donuts on Main Street with a hammer and robbed the shop. Little details are being provided at this time, but no one was hurt in the incident.

According to one of the employees, the robbers put the male employee face first to the ground while they robbed the store and stole another employee’s purse. They then took off towards the Carol Lane apartments. No word on the value of what was stolen, but police were on scene investigating.

Support this donuts shop and purchase a couple donuts this morning in support.  They are located in the Raleys shopping center.


  1. Nobody is safe anymore. It’s just like Oakland now. Life was great out here until the so called non-violent prisoners were released & Antioch/Housing decided to give Section 8 to a bunch of free loading take what you want when you want ghetto welfare lifers. What a great idea to let Section 8 rent nice new homes where ppl work their butts off & now get to watch their neighborhoods deteriorate. The donut shop owners put their backs & souls into that business & now they have to worry everytime they open their doors because the welfare for life community cant seem to take time away from ghetto life to raise their offspring they keep popping out for a paycheck. Disgusted

    • You’re stereotyping one set of people and pushing negative views that are almost all incorrect. There is a good amount of “ghetto’ people but not all people who are poor right now and need welfare, ghetto. Section 8 definitely need to be reformed, but many people who cause problems in this community have parents who make good money and are not on welfare or section 8. They are not one in the same either, section 8 users are not always on welfare and vice versa. You should really open your eyes and start doing some research before you insult a good amount of the community and people in general. Being prejudice won’t solve any problems, you’re just perpetuating negative stereotypes which is a problem in this day and age.

  2. Of course they fled to the apartments. Nothing good has come from that development. So sad to hear. That is a family run shop. We will show our support…

  3. scum of the earth go back to where that behavior IS TOLERATED!!!! thanks to all the public office people and the politicians who made it possible for all these losers to gain access to anything and everything these losers want!!!! we here in the area of Oakley and Brentwood are a working class community unlike the places these losers come from….and speaking from someone who was recently broken into and robbed of some personals…these guys and gals are young punks who haven’t the slightest idea of what it takes to earn money and purchase things and appreciate it because all they have to do is walk into a neighborhood not too far from home steal what they need go home make a phone call and sell the item you worked so hard to get for a fraction of the price! I HATE PEOPLE THAT STEAL!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think karma will get these people because these people don’t have anything to lose themselves! I hope the catch these guys and make an example of them and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!!! my apologies to the doughnut shop we are on your side!!!!

    • I agree with you 100%! I hate people who steal, lowest of the low. We acquire items in our lifetime with HARD WORK and everyone has mostly the same equal opportunity to work just as hard as we do. If people choose crappy paths in life, that does not give them the right to hurt other people. BOO HOO POOR ME, they need to get a job and learn the balance their lives and make something of themselves. Low Life kids!

  4. Wake up politicians. .time to return welfare back to its intended use…temporary help..not a way of life…we hard working tax payers are sick and tired of having to to pay to support lazy irresponsible slackers…get rid of section 8..maybe if these losers had to sleep in a cardboard box…stand in line for thieir meals at government meal centers they’d get off thier lazy butts and actually become contributing members of society instead of leeches.

  5. So very sad, they are such nice, hardworking people who own the donut shop. I feel horrible for them and hope they catch the bottom suckers who robbed them. Unfortunately, I whole heartedly agree – section 8 housing is the absolute worst thing that ever happened to Oakely and Brentwood. It has destroyed our community, and we seem helpless to do anything about it.

  6. While evil and crime is located in EVERY neighborhood of EVERY city of EVERY state of EVERY country, okay basically EVERY where on planet earth … it saddens me nonetheless. I did an article on them MANY moons ago when I wrote for the Brentwood Press. One of the “sweetest” articles ever! LOVE their donuts, great owner, great peeps. NEVER a good thing to be robbed.

  7. Just curious, does everyone assume they are section 8 and welfare recipients because they were black. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of non blacks using those services as well. There are people using those services who have some disabilities that prevent them from working as well. Lets not put everyone into one category and call them all the same. Those two people are bad. They may have run to those apartments but may not live there. If they do live there that doesn’t mean that everyone that does participates in that kind of behavior. I am also a hard working citizen of Oakley and hate that this happened. I just don’t think it’s right to stereotype people based on where they live or by race.

  8. Yes we support them every other week. So sad. It will be worse. It won’t be safe to shop the center much longer.. Oakleyites! You best keep abreast of the council meetings. That developer is wanting to build more units which means disaster for Oakley. I thought Oakley met their quota on low cost housing?? We must speak and put a stop to it before it passes…

  9. Diane is right, get to those council meetings and be heard. Loud folks, very loud. That is the only thing you can do about that low income housing. It might even be too late but get there anyway!! The council isn’t in this for you. You better make sure what they are doing.

  10. I knew those apts were going to cause problems. not everyone that lives there is bad, but there IS a bad element living there that should be made to leave.

  11. These two boys were just like the sons I never had. They have rights too. Just because they had a hammer, Obama phone, and ran to a section 8 complex doesn’t make them bad kids. Maybe the hammer was a learning tool of their practiced new trade. They are as hard working as the next guy. They just want a paycheck in between the monthly government check because todays money does not go as far. The monthly government check does not cover everything you know. Some places will not accept government credit cards. This is just a second job when you need cash now. I’m sure it was not personal. Don’t be racist or predigest because these thugs want to better their finances from others hard work. Isn’t is common now to take something from some one else who has more than you? This is hope and change. The government brought them up that way. It is not their fault. I think when caught they will have a well paid government lawyer to defend these actions because they were brought with government education, government housing, government food, government communication, government credit cards, and protection from the government. How else can you expect a young person not to think they are owed what ever they want. Its the American way now. How is that hope and change working for you now?

    • You all keep missing the point about Section 8 rentals.

      Place blame where it belongs!

      No one forces landloards to rent to these people. It is a choice they are making and many of the landloards live in Brentwood, Antioch and Oakley.

  12. I have lived in this area all my life and yes we have more low income housing for our size of a city than most. And yes we have a ton of rifraft in our neighborhoods now. I just dont understand why the city is doing this. YES the city is rewarded for building low income housing but where are they using the money. I live off of Cypress and I pay $7500.00 in property taxes a yr and yes I live in a track home. $4000 of that money goes directly to the city of OAKLEY. I am guessing they used that money to build the low income housing right across the street from me. I would love to know what they do with all of that money. If you do the math city is collecting over 2 million dollars a yr in EXTRA taxes from home owners just like myself?

  13. Most of you posting on this article are ridiculous. First off, I am a young african american male who in fact DID grow up under section 8 housing and the stereotype you’re throwing out shows just how ignorant you are. My mother worked a county job for 10+ years before being laid off, I stopped attending COLLEGE to pick up 2 jobs to help keep us afloat!! I work just as hard as all of you and its earned me a manager position. So i’m disgusted by all that you ignorant idiots have said.

  14. This is sad. It’s hard to keep the bad people out of good neighborhoods. We drive on Main Street daily, and we’ll be buying donuts there more often to help support local business owners.

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