Oakley: Firefighters Make Quick Work of Homeless Encampment Fire


At 6:40 am Friday, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of smoke and flames coming from Carol Lane near Main Street in the City of Oakley.

A column of smoke could be observed while responding.

Upon arrival of The Oaks apartments, firefighters located a homeless encampment fire along the wall of the facility in the open field. Firefighters extinguished the flames without incident.

Crews were on scene for 35-minutes.


  1. Not good. Oakley is a place where families can grow. They need a tiny house facility with free rent.

  2. Nothing is free! I need a free mortgage also; any takers. Seriously do we want homeless in our community? Which will attract other people in their condion for free lodging and breakfast. Solutions can’t offer any other than to inforce ilegal camping, loitering and trespassing ordinances.

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