Oakley Explains Recent Eminent Domain Actions


This week, the City of Oakley offered an explanation via their outreach efforts of the eminent domain action the City Council took last Tuesday.

Here is a look at what they wrote:

The City has initiated the steps to move forward with the legal process for the eminent domain of the property located at 3486 Main Street. We wanted to present the facts and history on this very sensitive and important community issue. 

We value the privacy, freedoms and progress of this great community and the families represented here in Oakley as we approach a population of over 43,000 people. 

The City Council has taken this decision under serious and extensive consideration since we became a city in 1999. Prior to that date, plans had already established that O’Hara Ave would continue north through Main St to provide an effective flow of traffic and access and is all a part of what is called “The Downtown Specific Plan.” The owner of the property has been aware of this development, but may have thought or hoped it would never happen, but already the long-discussed plans are in motion. 

The property owner has been offered the fair market value of $900,000, but has continued to refuse to engage in cooperative conversations. The eminent domain process creates the opportunity for a court to decide the value the City will pay for the property. Now that this process is underway, our efforts are now focused to be as sensitive as possible when it comes to the most important piece to this very difficult and intricate puzzle: the families involved. This is our priority as we pride ourselves in being “A Place for Families in the Heart of the Delta”.

We will be reaching out to all the families who rent the small homes at this location to help them in many ways to transition, as we realize the inconvenience and disruption this may cause. There are also laws in place that will ensure that they are able to find housing similar in size and price. This is a process that will take many months and no one is being moved out of their rental home at this time.

We are hopeful that the community will realize and understand these important efforts to continue the ongoing success of a downtown where families can walk and shop and gather for events and fun activities that help make Oakley great. The long-standing goal of making Downtown Oakley vibrant and business and pedestrian-friendly moves forward. Many improvements have been made over the years, but more will be made as we move ahead.



  1. eminent domain the tool of communist. Why live in Oakley if all they are going to do is have not property rights for the property owners

    • Hey Julio, really?? I’ve been in oakley all my life. Don’t always agree but Oakley has become a beautiful little city. i will admit that oakley pre 1975 was much more beautiful, cozy, crime free. We are but different than any other town, city in today’s world, unfortunately!! Question, Julio, where do you live ???

      • Antioch was beautiful, cozy and crime free before 1975 too, now look at it. Oakley and Brentwood are having alot of issues with crime also, but the Local media and city governments dont like to talk about that part.

  2. What makes cities towns or villages great is the unique flavor they develop over time. The uncoordinated efforts of countless people eventually come together in a way that is uniquely suited to the community. This takes time and the freedom of many people. The result of this organic progress are the charming towns and magnificent cities all across this country. Oakley was already one of this places.

    The “Downtown Specific Plan” is cute, but, like so much big development, looks like it belongs on a city planner’s desk, not in the heartland of California. He or she was probably a very nice city planner, even a great one. But I don’t want to live in a world dreamed up by one person. I don’t want to live in a place where everything fits together according to a plan. I want to live where things fir together because time has shown them how to do that. I want to enjoy everyone’s creative solutions to the complex problems of life, not bend to conform to a “specific plan”. It is the people of Oakley that make this a great place to live. Their government aught to stick to the job of securing their liberty and protecting their right to evolve as they see fit. No government can plan a great society. when they try, they inevitably curtail freedom. In this case, a little bit of freedom is being sacrificed to conform to a “specific plan.” when this is done on a national scale, we call it fascism, or communism or totalitarianism or nationalism. It is poisonous. And although small doses of it may seem tolerable, they are lethal all the same.

    To all those who resisted the overdevelopment of this wonderful place, I salute you.

    To those who believe that they have a vision for how Oakley could be better, go build your own town someplace else.

  3. If the property owners won’t sell at $900K then it isn’t “market value”. It’s likely north of that figure.

  4. The projects have changed over the years and that is why this property was left alone. They changed their minds so many times on what they want to do. Now comes another “great” plan that isn’t even funded for which they are stealing this property. They are thieves, nothing more.

  5. Oakley City Counsil is a joke, power hungry fools. Dreams of your little town being like Walnut Creek will never happen. You’re better off focusing on crime that is present and the increase of crime that you will have in the years to come. Time wo wake up people, stop drinking the koolaid these idiots are pouring in the glass.

  6. Oakley City Counsil is a joke, power hungry fools. Dreams of your little town being like Walnut Creek will never happen. You’re better off focusing on crime that is present and the increase of crime that you will have in the years to come. Time wo wake up people, stop drinking the koolaid these idiots are pouring in the glass.

  7. Ya good luck on finding them new places to live with similar prices and size. Renting a room costs as much their rent now. There is no free standing home for that price. Those poor people will end up with nothing even close to that

  8. You wanted a city and you got it. With that comes government greed, crime, traffic, no fire service, lousy roads, and power hungry overpaid public employees. Great job. Now the city will chase its own tail with development approvals to keep up with overspending. Congratulations on your new quality of life.

  9. I admire the courage and conviction these leaders have in wanting to make oakley a better place, however their efforts are seriously being misplaced. In a democratic society that uses tax payer dollars for major projects (projects over 1 million) you would think that voter approval should be required. This project is likely to cost 100 million seeing the scope of the project, the land involved and how costs usually get out of control with overtime and other cost over runs.
    I would bet my life that the residents of oakley and surrounding areas would rather spend 100 million dollars on combating crime, homeless residents, residents with disabilities like the ones staying at this location with reduced rent, blight programs to help residents with home repairs/improvements with silent mortgages against homes for repayment, how about a food program to feed needy people or forms of humanitarianism for the needs of the public. Put it to a vote, i know which measure wouldn’t win!

  10. Sad and if they changed their mind a zillion times, then they can change it again. Honestly, they have ruined East County with all these ugly box homes, no decent transit, shopping, freeways or police. Stop deveoping period. We have enough people!

    • Amen. They also are building on land that would be great for farming. The water seeps through the levees. People I know never water. They grow the best fruit and vegtables without using any water. Just got the juiciest oranges. Some almost the size of grapefruit. In a drought ridden state they do this. Plus the state wants 300 farms for the tunnels. Eminent domain again on 300 delta farms.

  11. 900,000 is fair market? anybody who knows real estate even a little knows that is a slap in the face for the type of property it is. If I were the owner I would feel disrespected by this extreme low ball offer and the city should be ashamed of themselves for approaching these people with this so called offer or better put attempted robbery of this property.

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