Oakley: Driver Okay After Crashing Through Fence on Empire Ave


At around 11:45 am Sunday, a driver veered off the roadway on Empire Ave in the City of Oakley and struck a tree while driving through a fence before crashing into a backyard.

There was significant damage to the backyard, the vehicle, and destroyed a fence, however, the driver was able to self extricate and was okay after the incident.

According to Oakley Police, they stated witnesses explained they believed the driver was going the speed limit before veering onto the sidewalk before coming to a crash in a backyard. No one was home at the time of the crash. Drugs or alcohol appear not to be a factor in the crash and this was simply an accident.

The incident shut down one lane of northbound Empire Ave just after Laurel Road. Fire and AMR were not requested to the scene.

No further details were related.


  1. Going the speed limit ? Really ?? Or perhaps had to read and reply to that urgent text message ……

  2. There had to be something the driver did to cause this ‘accident’. Thankgoodness nobody was walking on the sidewalk or in the backyard. This could have been so much worse.

  3. Don’t people know how to DRIVE anymore? Why are these idiots given licenses? There is no such thing as an “accident.”

  4. I live around the corner and happened to drive by. I cant imagine if someone was home or got hurt. Accidents are accidents but come on now pay attention and slow down.

  5. This is why we have a wall made from concrete blocks and rebar and covered with stucco … If they hit the wall, they can’t get through to the backyard. I’ve seen way too many fences destroyed by drivers who don’t pay attention to their driving.

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