Oakley City Council Set to Discuss Application for Gas Station on Laurel Road


On Tuesday, the Oakley city Council will consider a Conditional Use Permit and Design Review – Consideration of an application for an ARCO Gas Station.

According to the staff report, Woodcreek Oaks Petroleum, Inc. is seeking approval of a new 3,180 square foot convenience store, a fueling island with 8 multiple product dispensers under a new 42 foot by 116 foot fuel island canopy and a new 25 foot by 115 foot car wash tunnel with outdoor vacuums.

The plan would sit on a 4.17-acre lot at 2140 Laurel Road near Empire. The site was designated “commercial” in 2002.

The current site is improved with a single-family residence, 2 barns and a work shop located in the northwestern portion of the site. The remainder of the site has been an active vineyard for several years. Before that, the remainder of the site was vacant for some time and an almond orchard existed before that.

The Oakley Citizen Planning Advisors received copies of the Applicant’s Plans via email on November 1, 2017 and staff included two of their comments in the report:

  1. My husband and I drove by the site yesterday. We feel it will be a great addition to the Laurel Road area as it is close to Highway 4. My question is what is happening to the vineyard that is there now? Also, I am assuming the barn and house that is currently on the property will be gone. We buy our gas from the ARCO on Main and Cypress. This station will be closer to our house so we will probably buy our gas there.
  2. The plans for the Arco site seem reasonable – maybe a bit crowded with the surrounding landscaping/groundcover but I guess that’s better than barren areas.

For the full staff report: https://legistarweb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/attachment/pdf/165766/SR_ARCO_Mini_Mart_and_Gas_Station_Tentative_Parcel_Map__TPM_02-17__Conditional_Use_Permit__CUP_07-17__and_Design_Review__DR_09-17__3-27-18__9_.pdf


  1. I might sound like a “peace loving” Berkley resident, but I am far from it. A gas station next to the Contra Costa Canal sounds like a bad idea. The canal helps irrigate East County agriculture.

  2. This would be great for me as I drive Laurel coming to my barn from Bart. I have no doubt every stone will be turned to be sure any underground gas tanks will not interfere in any water source.

  3. Is there already a new gas station going in across the street?
    Please don’t squeeze a gas station or any buisness there. There are homes,nice homes right below.(Not mine).
    Can we all pitch in,and buy this. We can keep it a vinyard for our kids,and there kids.

  4. There is a new gas station, convience store, and storage going in across the street from this site. We have enough gas stations already.No thanks

  5. Gas and Car Wash run off gong into canal. Whos idea is that? With new gas station across the street, why put another one here, when the possibility of water contamination would be greater that it is now?

  6. Bad idea. There is beauty in open space. Also it is healthier. But then you have the greed of the property owner. So the heck with us.

    • Julio, really? This property owner worked hard for this property, it’s his 401k, can’t you understand that. Geez, go get back under a rock. I don’t agree with a gas station either. Don’t you dare talk about property owner greed when you live in a cardboard box.

      • With all due respect, your reasoning is flawed. The issue before the city council has nothing to do with the property owner’s finances. The issue for the council is solely whether the proposed redevelopment is in the public interest.

  7. Oakley City Council and City Manager are a joke!! How many gas stations and cigarette stores do we need?? You idiots need to focus on attracting some kind of business that brings people to Oakley! These idiots have ruined what used to be a nice little town!!

      • I can’t wait until Storage Wars comes to Oakley. There will be So many storage units even Kenny can get one. Here here pop goes the weasel.

  8. Bond,
    To purchase the land,from owner.
    Keep as open space for future generations.

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