Oakley, Brentwood Net Largest Increases in 2017-18 County Assessment Roll


Contra Costa County Assessor Gus Kramer reported the 2017-18 Assessment Roll is the highest in County History at $192.2 billion—a 5.78% increase.

The increase is over $10.5 billion which in total is the highest Assessment Roll to date in Contra Costa history. The assessment roll now consists of 371,377 parcels, an increase of 2,180 over the previous year.

The largest increases occurred in:

  • 8.78% – Oakley
  • 8.49% – Brentwood
  • 7.99% – San Pablo

Meanwhile, the City of Antioch saw a 6.01% increase while the City of Pittsburg saw an increase of 7.45%.

The lowest increases occurred in:

  • 4.05% – Clayton
  • 3.97% – Richmond

The following information was provided in a letter dated June 29 by Contra Costa County Assessor Gus Kramer to the Board of Supervisors.



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