Oakley: Altercation in Parking Lot Leads to Shots Fired on Main Street


At around 7:30 pm Tuesday, Oakley Police say they were dispatched to a report of a fight with gunshots fired in the 2100 block of Main Street in the City of Oakley.

Police arrived on scene where they located one of the involved parties at the scene while the other fled in a vehicle.

According to police, two vehicles had approached each other in the parking lot. Both vehicles were in the center of the roadway and refused to allow the other vehicle to pass. An individual exited one of the vehicles and two males exited the other. The two parties began to yell at each other and then became involved in a physical fight. During the fight, one of the individuals produced a firearm and fired the gun twice, striking a nearby parked car. The two males (which had the gun) returned to their dark colored sedan and fled the scene. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle or the two suspects.

No one was injured in the altercation.

Oakley Police are asking for assistance from the public who may have been in the area and could provide information on the incident.  The suspects were described as young African-American Males and the only information the witness was able to provide was that it was a dark colored sedan.

Anyone with information is asked to contacted OPD Investigations through our tip line at [email protected]


  1. Sooooo… not only did they have him outnumbered, they needed a gun as well? What a couple of sissies.

    • I agree! Exactly at which parking lot did all this take place? There are a lot of parking lots on Main Street in Oakley .. parking lots for supermarkets, restaurants, churches, etc. Just saying, “there was a shooting in a parking lot” says nothing.

  2. Gunfight at the Oakley Main Street. At least they were close to the Police Department for a quick response.

    I hope they find the scumbags. How stupid over road rage.

  3. Should be lots of cameras in that shopping center and agree with Harry Palms…what a bunch of cowards.

  4. I just can’t get over the fact that not only is it 2 on 1 but the guys who had the numbers in their favor are the ones pulling out a gun. Then they hit a completely uninvolved parked car . All of this being done literally minutes from the police station. My guess is these guys who had the gun weren’t from Oakley. Most residents know all to well that our police force not only responds very quickly but also has zero tolerance for gun violence and our police officers don’t let u get away with anything.

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