Oakley: 17-Year-Old Arrested for Suspicion of DUI After 100-MPH Pursuit


Just after 2:30 am Sunday, Oakley police say they spotted a speeding vehicle that led police on a 100-mph pursuit down E Cypress Road in the City of Oakley.

According to Police, the vehicle was first spotted on Laurel Road near Rose Avenue. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated. The driver reached speed of more than 100 MPH as they fled from officers on Cypress Road.

Police say when the driver reached the intersection of Bethel Island Road, the driver lost control of their vehicle and struck a sign – disabling their vehicle. The driver then fled the vehicle, but was taken into custody by officers near Summer Lake Drive.

The driver, a 17-year-old from Bay Point, appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic and was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation. Once cleared from the hospital, the juvenile was booked into Juvenile Hall for a variety of charges related to the incident.

No further information was released by police.


  1. Lock him up, try him as adult and throw away the key. Wreckless driving on surface streets a good recipe for disaster. Glad he didnt hurt anybody.

    • Yup, lock that dipschit up and no license until 30. But I’m sure it’ll be a flick on the wrist no doubt.

      A lot of homes on that stretch with no protection if a vehicle crashes into one. Surprised it hasn’t happened and hope it never does.

      Few years ago some pony tail idiot cut me off hauling ass down east cypress singing to his blaring rap crap. I found he crashed into a ditch just before bethel island road when I caught up. He had just got out of his car uninjured and clearly shaken. But I managed to pull over, get out and curse at him something awful. The look on his face was priceless for sure. Idiots like that truly don’t deserve a life.

      And today saw another moron fish tail his black bmw around the turn onto east cypress, then proceeded to punch it with everything he had. Smh

      That’s a problem area that needs serious traffic enforcement and never gets it.

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