New2You Label Xchange in Brentwood Raising Funds for HERS Foundation


During the month of October, New2You Label Xchange in Brentwood will be donating 50% of sales on Mondays to HERS Breast Cancer Foundation.

With two locations, one in Pleasanton and another in Fremont, the foundation supports all women healing from breast cancer by providing post-surgical products and services regardless of financial status.

Hilary Dittmore, store owner, explained how she thought it was important to raise awareness for the disease and wanted to work with a foundation that helps those living with it.

“It’s important to create awareness; my mom is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in 1996. I think a lot of research goes into beating the disease, but not a lot to how to live with it,” said Dittmore. “The HERS Foundation really helps those living with it; it goes directly to people living with the disease.”

She explained how her mother was diagnosed when she was a kid and saw how hard it can be living with it so for her she wanted to do more than just raise awareness.

“It’s our way of giving back,” said Dittmore.  “50% of sales will be directly donated on anything purchased in the store. The pink is for awareness which is why people wear pink or dye hair pink; you can show awareness all year long but many times people don’t know what else you can do outside of awareness. The avenues available to people of what else they can do, they just don’t know”

Dittmore explained that there are hundreds of organizations out there to help people for any cause, she picked HERS Foundation because she knows what her mom went through with the disease and how they help people living with it—on an emotional level which she admits she could not understand.

She added that even though her mom was diagnosed in 1996 and is now cancer free, she is still living with it every day and knows the importance of having resources available to everyone to help them.

So far during the campaign, they have received a few thank you cards and customers who show appreciation for what they are doing with the HERS Foundation.

“Thank you to all of our customers and the community for participating in this campaign and helping us raise funds during the month of October,” said Dittmore. “If shopping with us is not an option, be sure to wear pink.”

New2You Label Xchange is located at 50 Sand Creek Road in Brentwood or you can visit them on Facebook as well as Instagram