Neciuk: The Next Big Thing in Jewelry is Pure Grown Diamonds

By Rich Neciuk


“Alchemy of Earth”

Precious stones have attracted mankind throughout history and of these precious gems the diamond is truly unique. Diamonds have always been a symbol of both strength and beauty as they are the hardest material in the world and are capable of total internal reflection of light, resulting in a stunning and alluring gemstone which will last for lifetimes.

Brentwood’s premiere bridal jeweler K & Co Family Jewelers is delivering this beauty and brilliance in an  exciting new way.

So, what are Pure Grown Diamonds? Pure Grown Diamonds are 100% diamond that are grown above the earth rather than excavated from below the earth’s surface, as has been done for hundreds of years.  These diamonds are physically, optically, and chemically identical to diamonds grown by Mother Nature.

By using today’s modern technology, the company Pure Grown Diamonds has perfected a process whereby Type IIa diamond crystals are grown in a 12-week period. IIA Currently, these greenhouse-grown diamonds are available in cut and polished gems up to 5 carats in size.

One great reason to select Pure Grown Diamonds deals with their sustainability. Pure Grown Diamonds are grown in  a state of the art greenhouse facility, which results in a far lower impact on the earth and the environment.

So, not only are they guaranteed to be conflict free, they are the most eco-friendly choice in diamonds. Pure Grown Diamonds  do not undermine the sustainability of natural systems or our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need.

Pure Grown Diamonds also share something that  very few mined diamonds can boast; all Pure Grown Diamond are classified as Type IIa diamonds. Type IIa diamonds are the most pure and rare of all diamonds as they don’t. contain significant traces of Nitrogen (found in 95% of mined diamonds).

Another exciting benefit of Pure Grown Diamonds is their price. On average these diamonds will cost the consumer about 30% – 40%  less than their earth-mined counterparts.

What does that mean for you? You can  enjoy a bigger, brighter diamond for your money. Sold! Right?

K & Co Family Jewelers saw the writing on the wall when Pure Grown Diamonds first approached them about  carrying their diamonds. They became PGD’s  first and only retailer in Brentwood, CA. PGD and K & Co have developed a business relationship that allows K & Co to bring Pure Grown Diamonds directly to the consumer without the added supply chain costs of earth mined diamonds and the results have been amazing.

We saw the value of these gems right away. Our customers are extremely important to us. We want to give them the best products for the best price. Of course, we are in business to make money; however, if we do it by selling lower quality stones at cut-rate prices we’re not really doing our customers a service.

Katrina Neciuk added, “Ultimately, most women want a bright sparkling diamond and they would love for it to be as big as their significant other can afford. Pure Grown Diamonds typically allow us to up-sell to a larger size without having to break their fiancé’s pocket book.”

Come in to our store or visit us online at  to learn more about how you can take home your very own Pure Grown Diamond today.

Rich Neciuk
K & Co. Family Jewelers


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