Moving Day: Oakley Home Cut in Half and Transported Across Town


At 5:00 am Sunday morning, crews from Roger’s House Moving began moving a home through the streets of Oakley which required streets to close for a short period of time and included a police escort.

The house that was moved was recently purchased from the City of Oakley by a resident. Instead of tearing the old home down, they cut the home in half and moved it from Carol Lane, down Main Street, hung a right onto Empire. A few miles later they hung a left onto Carpenter before arriving to their destination on Privet Court in Oakley—backs up to O’Hara Avenue.

According to Google Maps, it’s about a 3-mile trip that should take 6-minutes. This move took just over two-hours.

The home will stay raised until a foundation is poured and at that time, a hydraulic system will move the home into place.


  1. I wonder how much these people would charge to move the Oakley School house?
    Maybe the destruction of it is a done deal. If so never mind. Nice pictures.

  2. Thanks for the pictures Michael Burkholder! The company name is Rogers House Moving my brother is Rogers Roofing they do the roofs! Thanks to the Oakley Police Dept. for a great job with the traffic control! We could’nt of done it without them!!

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