Meals on Wheels Seeks Volunteers in East Contra Costa


As of July 1st, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region (MOWDR) expanded its services further into East Contra Costa County and are now in need of volunteers.

In addition to hundreds of seniors already served by our Meals on Wheels program in the cities of Bay Point, Antioch, and Pittsburg, the organization is now delivering meals in Oakley, Discovery Bay, Brentwood, and Byron – an addition of 180+ more senior clients.

For more information on the expansion, click here.

According to Susannah Meyer, community engagement officer, the need for volunteers in all of East County is dire. There are over 15 routes in these cities that need to be filled, and potentially hundreds impacted if these meal delivery volunteer positions are not filled.


  • Pick up is between 10:00 – 10:30 at locations in East County
  • Delivery takes approximately 2 hours and covers approximately 15 senior homes
  • Empty containers are then dropped off at the pick-up location.

Volunteers will be trained and need:

  1. Driving record clear of any moving violation for the past 3 years
  2. Cleared background check
  3. Ability to lift 15 pounds and get in and out of the car up to 15 times on their route.

Potential volunteers can go to their website and complete the application, or if they prefer, first call our office and speak with Leah McFarland, MOW Volunteer Coordinator, 925.937.8605.


  1. Where are these peoples families? Crazy that American culture abandones their elderly family and throws them in assisted living homes

    • Actually with this program they are living in their own homes rather than assisted living homes.
      Statement from the CEO…
      “Our goal is to empower older adults to live independently and with dignity in their homes for as long as possible.”

      It is sad that some elderly get dumped off into homes. The cost is so high they could live in an apartment for less. Just wouldn’t have the care they may need.

  2. Some elderly, unfortunately, have no family. Or maybe no family living nearby. Some still live at home independently, but really can’t cook well enough anymore for themselves, so Meals on Wheels helps supplement a few meals a week for them. Its also a wonderful source of social interaction for them when they don’t get out much or have many visitors.

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