McNerney Issues Statement on the 2018 Election Results


Stockton, CA – In response to the results of the 2018 mid-term elections, Jerry McNerney issued the following statement:

“This election, Americans voted to reject the harmful policies of the Republican-controlled Congress and to put a check on the president, who has ruled the past two years through fear and intimidation. Under Democratic leadership, the House of Representatives will drive forward a robust agenda focused on strengthening our democracy and expanding economic opportunity. As more and more money from corporations and the wealthy few floods our elections, now is the time to fix our broken campaign finance system and restore Americans’ faith in our democratic institutions. We must also tackle gerrymandering, which contributes to the polarization of our country by allowing elected officials to choose their constituents, rather than the other way around.

“I’m looking forward to the final results from my race, and I deeply appreciate the support from so many in our community. I am humbled by and grateful to those who continue to put their trust in me and cast their ballot in my favor. We have much still to do, and I will keep working for an America where everyone has a fair shot at the American dream and everyone’s voice can be heard. Today is a new day, and I’m optimistic that together we’ll continue to move our country forward.”


  1. C’mon, Jerry! You’re way too bright to continue kissing your fellow Dem congresspeople’s behinds. I know that you have to do that or none of them would give you the time-of-day! It’s a money thing, isn’t it? You can play the little game of showing you stand with the lefties, but remember that we have the Senate and we also have the Supreme Court …. and President Trump has a pen and executive orders will be flying out of the Oval Office.

  2. I will never forgive him for not attending President Trump’s inauguration! Some aide in his office said “Congressman McNerney had a scheduling conflict” BULL! The guy didn’t even have the decency to tell me the truth! McNerney KNEW many months in advance when the inauguration would be held. I guess he thinks he only represents his Dem voters. And this guy is supposed to be so highly educated and smart?

  3. Jerry: I may not be a constituent of yours, but keep me in mind for your Inauguration tickets (2 please) in January 2021, as Mr. Trump will be re-elected, and to say “that this President has ruled through intimidation and fear” is to admit how very little this Congress has gotten done in bipartisan fashion in the last two years, as Congressional Democrats changed the narrative nearly daily. I would love to see some actual governing come out of the next Congress, and less Investigations. I’m curious Jerry: Have you learned to accept the results of the 2016 election? And how far will your party go to steal it in 2020?

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