MCE to Start Community Choice Energy Services Soon


On June 6, 2017, the Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance and resolution to join the Marin Energy Authority’s (MCE) community choice energy/aggregation program (CCE). CCE involves cities, counties, or a joint powers authority composed of cities and counties pooling (“aggregating”) retail electricity customers for the purpose of procuring and selling electricity.

This April, MCE will become the primary electricity provider in Concord, Danville, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, San Ramon, and unincorporated Contra Costa County. MCE currently provides service to Contra Costa residents and businesses in El Cerrito, Lafayette, San Pablo, Richmond and Walnut Creek.

Starting in February, East County residents in unincorporated communities and Oakley will receive a notice from MCE notifying you of this change in your electricity provider. This notice will go out in the same cycle as you receive your PG&E bill in February. (Customers that have gone paperless with PG&E will still receive a written notice from MCE).

Per California State Law, if you do nothing, you will automatically be enrolled in MCE. However, you do have the choice to opt out. If you choose to opt out, MCE has shared that it is best to opt out prior to August. After August, there will be a one-time fee required to opt out.

MCE has convened three Community Leader Advisory Groups (CLAG) in Contra Costa County. The CLAGs are comprised of community members that help to guide local outreach efforts and facilitate input from residents and businesses. They help to identify outreach strategies and venues, distribute information in their community and promote presentations and events.

If you are interested in participating in a CLAG or to learn more, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about MCE, please contact Alex DiGiorgio, MCE Deputy Director of Community Development at (415) 464-6031 or [email protected]

Information provided by Supervisor Diane Burgis


  1. For anyone skeptical: MCE is just a power provider for PG&E. If you opt out everything stays the same except you use more fossil fuel providers through your PG&E. I understand the skepticism but the bill is the same, the power travels through the same lines, you use the same meter. MCE came about through a law that was implemented to provide more options for people. MCE funds solar and wind energy solutions for PG&E Power. Your new MCE bill will be very slightly less on average, but your power usage will lead to less emissions release around the state. You can opt out within the first 60 days from your meter check date in april for free, after that it is a very small administration fee. If you opt out you have to wait a year to join back into MCE power generation if you change your mind.

    • Not true. MCE is a legal scam. You should do your homework before writing such nonsense. You’re probably an MCE plant anyway.

  2. I think having to opt out is terrible. A change of provider should be opt in.
    How did that ever pass. What will CCC try to force down my throat next.

    Anyone that tosses junk mail is going to get caught by this scam


  3. Anyone notice how MCEs board is comprised of ex polaticians and FYI there moving into supervisor Glover’s office

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