May: East Contra Costa Fire Average Response Time At 7:47 Minutes


The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District will report Monday night that its May response time hit an average of 7:47 minutes after responding to 596 service calls. In the month of April, the average response time was 8:04 minutes.

In 2015, the District ran a total of 6,918 calls with an average response time of 7:54 minutes. The District, which was reduced to three engines from five, saw an increase in 33-seconds from 2014 where they averaged 7:21 minutes.

According to the District, in the month of May, Engine Company Rollouts

  • Engine 93 (Oakley) ran 40% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 293 times.
  • Engine 52 (Brentwood) ran 35% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 254 times.
  • Engine 59 (Discovery Bay) ran 18% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 128 times.
  • CALFIRE assisted on 4% of the calls for 31 rollouts.
  • Auto Aid assisted in 3% of the calls for 19 rollouts

Average Response Time by Service Area:

  • Bethel Island – 13:52 Minutes
  • Discovery Bay – 9:26 Minutes
  • Knightsen – 10:03 Minutes
  • Marsh Creek – 10:29 Minutes
  • Oakley – 7:05 Minutes
  • Brentwood – West – 7:21 Minutes
  • Brentwood – East – 7:18 Minutes

Major Incidents/ Reduced Responses and Mutual Aid Requests:
In the month of May, the District responded to 6 structure fires, 7 vegetation fire, 30 vehicle accidents and 7 vehicle accidents with rescue.  Due to call volume during the month the District had zero engines available for responses 8 times, which totaled 7:46 hours

Operational Personnel:
The District is currently budgeted for 39 operational personnel, which are comprised of 3 Battalion Chiefs and 36 Station Suppression Personnel. As of May 1, our staffing level is 3 Battalion Chiefs and 34 station suppression personnel.



  1. Bad Headline on this one Burk,

    I know this is not your report so no beef with you, but saying the average response time is 7:47 gives a false perception. 4 of the areas served by the District are 9 minutes plus.
    Of course the areas closest to the opened fire stations and who have the highest call volume will have the lowest response times thus lowering the overall average. This impacts the numbers and creates the perception that the response time for the District is under 8 minutes. Those who live in the 9 to 14 minute areas who read the headline and nothing further, could be mislead.
    How is “no engines available 8 times for a total of over 7 hours averaged in? What time is given to no engine available?

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