Mathisen: Good News With High Delta Water


It’s been many years since we have had the inflows into the Delta we are currently experiencing, but all of this muddy high water isn’t bad news for anglers.

While currently it seems the bite is gloomy and tough the future is bright for the river angler with the high water.

The first bite to enjoy the fruits of fresh water is the Sturgeon action it does this time each year. The key for me over the years has been going shallow 15 feet or less  in sloughs and bays off the main river. Debris can be a issue so be careful. Those that enjoy anchoring overnight be sure to carry a sharp knife in case a tree or other large debris comes entangled with the anchor.

The Fresh High water flush is so good for other bites and better fishing for the months ahead as well. After years of low water, decreased flows and phenomenal weed growth there will be some opportunities for bass anglers as well. Water temps will rise faster with the muddy stained water as we head into late January and Early February.

February traditionally starts producing BIG Black bass bites as the first and often biggest sized pre spawners make a showing. South Facing banks out of the current will be just a smidgen warmer and give those Flippin gaps behind the Tulles and on the rocks a few more bites. Slow rolling blades and Vibrating jigs will come on sooner.

While it seems bad now, the next few weeks of flushing weeds and Hyacinth out means better access to the fish and easier identifiable ambush points for anglers.

Moving our anadromous species out faster so they can return is another benefit.

Great Year ahead!

Dan Mathisen
Dan’s Delta Outdoors
1625 Main St #1008, Oakley, CA