March 2-8: Antioch Police Briefs

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The Antioch Police Department had 1,636 calls for service between March 2 – 8 according to the City Manager Report.

Of those calls, they made 65 arrests where 22 were felony, 43 were misdemeanor. There were no DUI arrests.


  • 3/8/17 at 11:10 pm, 29 year old Matthew Pirant was contacted by officers during a pedestrian stop. He was found to have multiple warrants for his arrest. Pirant was taken into custody without incident and booked into County Jail.


  • 3/8/17 at 8:37 am, an officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle being driven by 62 year old Lewis Decker in the area of Lemontree Wy. And Sycamore Dr. During a routine computer check, Decker was found to have five misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. He was arrested and searched incident to arrest. During the search, the officer located a moderate amount of methamphetamine. Decker was later booked in the County Jail on a drug charge and his warrants.


  • 3/8/17 at 12:55 am, officers were dispatched to a home on Cheyenne Ct. Upon arrival, officers contacted 77 year old Mary Bennett. Bennett had a warrant for her arrest. Bennett was issued a Promise to Appear with a new court date.
  • 3/7/17 at 10:24 pm, officers were dispatched to 24-Hour Fitness on Somersville Rd. for a report of a subject looking into and checking the door handles of vehicles in the parking lot. The reporting party also advised that the subject came into the gym without a pass, was making customers feel uncomfortable, and refused to identify himself to the staff. Upon arrival, officers contacted 21 year old Byron Smith in the parking lot. Smith was uncooperative, upset, and refused to provide identification. As Smith was being detained, he pulled away from the officers. He was placed under arrest after a brief struggle. No one was injured. Smith was found to be on probation for auto theft. Smith was sent to County Jail for trespassing, obstructing/delaying an officer, and probation violation.


  • 3/7/17 at 8:48 am, an officer saw a CHP Motor Officer pointing to three subjects near the Kmart parking lot on E. 18th St. The officer saw 36 year old Jason Mullins, 34 year old Ronald McKinsey, and 39 year old Nicholas Castro walking away from a white truck stuck in the field. Mullins and McKinsey dropped burglary tools commonly used to steal cars as they were walking away from the truck. The owner of the truck happened to be reporting it stolen to Pittsburg Police at that moment. All three subjects were placed under arrest. Castro initially lied about his name, but admitted to the lie once other officers arrived on scene and recognized him from prior contacts. He lied because he had an outstanding warrant for auto theft. All three were sent to County Jail for vehicle theft.


  • 3/7/17 at 3:32 am, officers were dispatched a vacant building that is utilized to store miscellaneous items in the 1600 block of A St. for a report of a burglary in progress. Upon officers’ arrival, they found the building was unlocked and a local transient, 28 year old Emmanuel Rader, was sitting in the building due to the cold weather. Rader was released with a citation for trespassing.


  • 3/6/17 at 1:30 pm, Antioch Police Detectives served a search warrant at a residence on W. 12th St. While executing the warrant, 30 year old Adam Renfroe, 22 year old Adrien Morales, and 54 year old Desiree Tourville were detained. During a search of the residence, a loaded firearm was located and determined to be stolen in a residential burglary from a nearby city. Morales and Tourville were later released from the police station. Renfroe had an outstanding warrant and was sent to County Jail.


  • 3/6/17 at 9:22 am, an officer saw the garbage cans set outside of the garbage bin structure behind a business on San Jose Dr. The officer was aware that transients will often set up camps inside the garbage bin structures. The officer located 31 year old Lonnie King sleeping inside, and he was determined to have an outstanding warrant. He was placed under arrest and sent to County Jail.


  • 3/6/17 at 3:45 am, a resident on Steed Wy. found a male wearing a mask burglarizing her father’s car in front of their home. She confronted the masked burglar who brandished a knife as he rummaged through the vehicle. He then ran into Mink Ct. and disappeared. An area check was conducted, but he was not located. At 7:13 am, residents on Mink Ct. called police to report a masked male looking into backyards, stating he had, “dropped a knife.” Officers located 18 year old Chayce Honey in one of the backyards. He was positively identified by witnesses and evidence located at the scene. He was placed under arrest and sent to County Jail.


  • 3/5/17 at 10:37 pm, officers were dispatched to the Goodwill store on W. 10th St. for a subject trespassing. Officers found 43 year old Justin Enriquez on the property after hours. He was charging his phone with an accessible outlet on the outside of the business. Enriquez was found to have an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest. Enriquez was taken into custody without incident and transported to County Jail on the warrant.


  • 3/5/17 at 10:51 am, officers were dispatched to a loitering complaint for 69 year old Fannie Lewis at a business park on Lone Tree Wy. Several businesses have called about Lewis over the past week. She had been warned but continued to loiter in front of the businesses. A citizen’s arrest was requested and Lewis was sent to County Jail.


  • 3/5/17 at 8:40 am, an officer observed 47 year old Anthony Smith, 29 year old Joseph Capurro, and 26 year old Joshua Spain-Cue sleeping in front of a business on Delta Fair Blvd. The officer was aware the business had filed a Trespass Letter with the Police Department due to the numerous complaints in regards to transients loitering, sleeping, vandalizing, and littering on the property. All three subjects had been warned in the past and were arrested for trespassing. They were issued citations and released at the scene.


  • 3/5/17 at 1:45 am, officers were dispatched to Sutter Delta Medical Center located on Lone Tree Wy. for a report of a female patient causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers contacted 43 year old Dominique Bryant who was placed under arrest without incident for trespassing. Bryant was sent to County Jail.


  • 3/4/17 at 5:43 pm, officers located a stolen vehicle on Somersville Rd. A high risk stop was conducted and all three occupants were arrested without incident. The driver, 23 year old Hassan Griffin, admitted to stealing the car when it was left running in front of a business earlier. Griffin was sent to County Jail and the two juvenile passengers were released to their parents with juvenile citations.


  • 3/4/17 at 5:40 pm, officers were dispatched to Starbucks on A St. for 60 year old Michael Flores passed out at the counter. Upon arrival, officers found Flores to be highly intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Flores was arrested for public intoxication and transported to County Jail.


  • 3/4/17 at 3:54 pm, an officer contacted 60 year old William Leaks in the parking lot of the Bonfare Market on W. 10th St. Leaks has been warned and cited numerous times previously for loitering and trespassing on the property, where management has made it clear he is not allowed to be on the premises. Leaks was placed under arrest for criminal trespassing and was transported to County Jail.


  • 3/4/17 at 2:52 pm, 28 year old Emmanuel Rader was contacted by police at a residence on Garrow Dr. during a trespassing complaint. Dispatch advised Rader had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail.


  • 3/3/17 at 5:31 pm, officers observed a black Ford ranger parked in a parking lot in the 1600 block of A St. The officers made consensual contact with 61 year old Ronald Rader, who was standing next to the driver door of the vehicle. They asked his name and he verbally provided it. A name check indicated Rader had a no bail warrant for his arrest. During a search incident to arrest, officers located suspected narcotics in his possession. Rader was arrested and sent to County Jail for drug charges and violation of probation.


  • 3/3/17 at 10:52 am, 30 year old Frank Martinez was stopped for vehicle code violations on G St. near W. 6th St. During the contact, Martinez was searched and found to be in possession of a modified flare gun. Martinez was arrested for weapons violations and later transported to County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 6:45 pm, an officer noticed 33 year old Karen Walker approaching him while on a traffic stop on Harbor St. in Pittsburg. He was aware she had an outstanding warrant and was wanted by Antioch Police Detectives. The officer made the arrest without incident, and Walker was eventually booked into County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 4:30 pm, an officer observed a white Kia traveling westbound on Hwy 4 near L St. The officer initiated a stop of the Kia for vehicle code violations which eventually ended at Harbor St. and California Dr. in Pittsburg. The driver, 36 year old Victor Adame, was contacted and the only occupant of the vehicle. A record check of Adame showed he was on searchable felony probation for stolen property. During a probation search of the vehicle, a loaded firearm was located under the front passenger seat. Adame denied knowledge of the firearm claiming he borrowed the car from a friend several days earlier; however, Adame’s criminal history showed he was a convicted felon with prior convictions for weapons charges. He was arrested on new weapons charges and sent to County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 4:22 pm, officers attempted to contact 34 year old Patrick Howard while he was standing near the Quikstop on Sycamore Dr. Officers knew Howard had a warrant for his arrest. Howard ran from the officers but was caught after a short foot pursuit. He was taken into custody without further incident. Howard was later booked into County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 1:23 pm, officers were dispatched to the parking lot outside of City Hall for a suspicious vehicle. They located the vehicle and contacted 58 year old Larry Reynolds. During a routine warrant check, Reynolds was found to have a warrant out of San Joaquin County. He was arrested without incident and booked into County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 11:29 am, officers were in the area of Shell Gas on Lone Tree Wy. When they located a subject that matched description of a person associated with a previous crime at this location. Officers contacted 36 year old Ansu Bailey who was found to have a parole violation warrant. He was arrested without incident and booked into County Jail.


  • 3/2/17 at 10:16 am, dispatch received a call from a resident who advised she had a package just stolen from her porch in the 300 block of W. 19th St. The resident followed the suspect in her vehicle as he rode away on his bicycle. She provided a description of the suspect who was located in the area by responding officers. Officers contacted 29 year old Brandon Hill who admitted to the theft but lied about his name. Hill’s identity was eventually discovered and he was found to have two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. He was booked into County Jail for the theft and on his warrants

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