Man Who Took Wife and Child Hostage in Pittsburg, Leads Police on Pursuit, Shot and Killed


The Pittsburg Police Department released information on an incident that took place around 8:00 pm Monday which blocked off W 10th Street in for nearly 12-hours.

Police say a non-cooperative man who had taken his wife and baby at gunpoint and led police on a pursuit into Concord and back into Pittsburg. Police later shot the man and he died at John Muir Hospital.

Several bullets struck a vehicle as well as the house during this incident.

Agencies at scene included the Pittsburg police, Antioch Police, Oakley Police, California Highway Patrol and Contra Costa County Sheriffs office.

According to the Pittsburg Police Department:

Officers were called to a residence in the 100 block of Carolyn Drive in regard to a domestic incident. Prior to arriving at the house officers were informed an estranged husband arrived at the home and held his wife and baby at gunpoint.

Police say a family member attempted to intervene when the man fired the gun, striking the family member in the neck. The man then forced his wife and baby into his vehicle and drove away from the scene.

Pittsburg Officers found the car and pursued the vehicle west into the city of Concord and ultimately back into the city of Pittsburg. The man then stopped the vehicle in front of a home in the 100 block of West 10th Street. As the man exited the vehicle with the gun, the wife and baby were able to run safely to nearby officers. The man ran into the residence and barricaded himself inside.

The Pittsburg Police Department tactical unit and Crisis Negotiation Team arrived on scene and continued communication with the man, requesting he exit the house without the gun.

During the communication the man walked to the front door of the house several times with the gun. After a period of time the man walked out of the house and into the driveway. He was still in possession of the gun, and did not listen to the officers’ commands to put the gun down. A less-lethal projectile was discharged towards the man in an attempt to detain him. The man then raised the gun and fired towards officers.

Officers returned fire and the man was struck. Officers immediately removed the gun from his possession and administered first aid until an ambulance arrived.

He died at John Muir Hospital. The man was 37-years-old and from Pittsburg.

The Contra Costa County Officer Involved Fatal Incident Protocol was enacted and the Pittsburg Police Department has entered a joint investigation with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office.

No further information was released



  1. So Sad for everyone involved. Sounds like a Suicide by police to me though. I’m glad the woman and child were safe in the end. So sorry for the officers involved.

  2. Couldn’t they have just shot the toenail of his pinkie toe so that he’d fall to the ground with his loaded gun landing at a reasonably long distance away from his attempts to reach it? Enough of this brutality. The police need to be held accountable. A costly investigation needs to be initiated right away!

  3. Once the less-lethal projectile was shot the swat team yelled out “shots fired shots fired” the swat team started shooting around 8 time.. I was Recording you could hear everything that was going on.. smh

  4. Unless you have listened to the body cam the suspect did in fact shoot his gun after they shot the less lethal. The officers are not held accountable. The dude held a gun to his wife and kids head and kidnapped them and ur blaming the cops. What is wrong with you people.

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