Updated: Man Sustains Burns, Suspected Grow House Fire Destroys Pittsburg Home


At 9:50 am Tuesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a residential structure fire in the 4200 block of Palo Verde Drive in the City of Pittsburg.

While responding, a cloud of smoke was observed all the way from the City of Oakley and when CONFIRE units arrived on scene, smoke and flames were reported coming out of the garage area of the home. It was also reported that home was 50% involved with flames.

One man was taken away by AMR due to burns and smoke inhalation while another male had shortness of breath.

The fire was out in about 40-minutes and significant mop up time was expected.

According to Contra Costa County Fire, this was a suspected grow house.


  1. They give no thought to ho much amperage grow lights draw and how much heat they generate it’s very easy to overload electrical circuits especially on older homes with systems that are barely adequate to begin with, when they trip breakers they just put bigger breakers in the panel and the wires catch on fire. I guess that’s why they call it dope!!!………………

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