Man Jumps of Antioch Bridge Sunday

Photo Credit - by a reader who did not want to be identified

Just before 1:00 pm Sunday, a subject reportedly drive up the Antioch bridge before stopping, getting out of their vehicle and jumped off the bridge.

According to a witness, the male got out of the vehicle and jumped without any hesitation.

With multiple agencies doing training across the San Francisco Bay, Pittsburg Police and AMR were the first to respond in the water as they had a boat and crew on standby due to the Pittsburg Seafood and Music Festival and were on scene in under 5-minutes where the jump occurred and could not locate the subject.

The body was not located Sunday.

Traffic was backed up in both directions as CHP was investigating. No further information has been released.


  1. Definitely crappy that the guy felt the need to kill himself, but for god sake, If you’re going to kill yourself, at least do it in a manner that’s not going to inconvenience other people who have nothing to do with you and are simply trying to get from one place to another.

    • Yeah, cause that’s what he was thinking about! You sound ridiculous! A little girl is without a father now, a mother without a son, a young life gone! Insensitivity at its finest! Your comment is insensitive and irrelevant, but you still felt the need to post it!

      • The guy thought about NOBODY but himself when he jumped, not his little girl, not his mother, not the line of people he was going to hold up. He was the selfish one. What if one of those people were traveling to the hospital to visit their dying loved one, or a pregnant woman rushing to deliver her baby. You selfish people create REAL victims when you try and defend other selfish people.

  2. This doesn’t mean he was automatically “depressed!” He did what he wanted to do but should have done it in some remote area.

    • don’t judge, peoples decisions are made on an instant. he evidently was so shook up that he couldn’t go to a remote location.

    • Why does it matter how he did it. Don’t speak about something you know nothing about. This doesn’t effect your life or health one bit.

      • Really? Think! It does affect those who were trying to get from point A to point B … what if they had to get somewhere because of a life and death situation?

  3. I was the witness they are referring to. I was on my way home and was going over the bridge. I seen the jeep was there in the middle of the lane, but no cars in front of him. I was like what is going on? then he walk around his vehicle and just jumped. I was what the heck? I stop my truck got out and looked over the side he was gone. I called 911 and reported it. They told me not to touch anything and to stay there until an officer got there. His jeep was still running, his shoes were in there and he was gone. I looked over the other side of the bridge but he was nowhere.

    • It was my nephew. Can I please talk to u? I can’t believe he did that. He was always always happy. 25 yes old and a brand new bay girl.

      • Hello call me I was the first one there and seen it from front to end 916 642 9344 Anthony my condolences to u and your family

    • OMG
      This is my little cousin. I thank you for even taking time out to stop. This is a shocking and difficult time for my family.
      I pray God gives you peace for witnessing something like this.

    • Ok I know it’s bad that he jumped but what car was u in cause I was the first one on the seen and seen him jump a off duty cop called 911 of of SF and him and I stayed with his wife while we kept going back and forth looking over the edge to see if he came up …… I dont know what part u saw but I seen him jump and it messed me and my wife up….. I dont know what cop u spoke to cause the lady highway patrol was a asshole …. she told everyone to leave she didn’t care…… the cop I spoke to said they got him on camera jumping …… so my prayers go out to his family ….. I just hope that the little baby he had will miss its father…..🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I’ll personalize this a bit. His name is Mitchel. I knew this young man. He was a close friend of my nephew. He had a baby, not too long ago. I was distraught, when I heard the news. Rest In Peace Mitch. We love you!!!!

  5. It’s crazy to hear how insensitive folks can be. I knew Mitchell as well and im sorry that Sam, his mom, has lost her only child. But in response to the inconveniencing others, when you’re going thru depression, you aren’t in your right mind. Considering others is the last thing on your mind, you just want the pain to end. My heartfelt prayers to you, Sam and family. This is definitely a tragedy.

  6. one of those best things we can do, as people who know Mitchell, is live and love a little deeper. Rest In Peace Mitch!

  7. My most sincere condolences to the family. I’ve dealt with suicide with 2 of my four siblings and unless you’ve felt suicidal yourself you could never know the depths of mental torment one could go through. It feels like the only way out because you cant escape your own mind; there is nowhere to run from yourself. It took me years to forgive my sister for taking her life, but I now understand how tormented she was. I hope one day down the road his loved ones find it in their hearts to forgive him for taking himself away. May his peace be eternal. And my apologies for the horrible person who mentioned inconvenience of others by his passing. Some people are so jaded and programed to be self serving they completely lack basic human empathy. Maybe he did it that way so there would be a witness and his loved ones didn’t think he was missing. Maybe he did do it with love and mercy in mind.

  8. My Heart Hurts so much for his Mother and Child. I love them and just can’t believe he is gone! Such a loving, Beautiful person. No Words!

  9. Hello call me I was the first one there and seen it from front to end 916 642 9344 Anthony my condolences to u and your family

  10. Don’t want to sound morbid, but just wondering if they recovered his body yet. I frequently fish the area east of the bridge and beyond. I will keep an eye out for him if he is still missing….

  11. My condolence to the family, I didn’t know him personally, but work with one of his relatives. I feel so sad in my heart for this family. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to lose your only child. I agree with the rest of you that felt those earlier comments were very insensitive and rude and uncalled for. May Mitchell rest in peace.

  12. Rip i didnt know him but very sad for his family .sad to think what he must of been goin through to do that.poor thing rip

  13. Sam is my friend and I know how much she loved her only son. I can’t imagine what she is going through right now. I met Mitchell on a couple of occasions. The last time I saw him was at the baby shower. I always thought of him as a nice young man, quiet in his own way. My prayers go out to Sam and his family. There are no words for such a great loss. May you rest in peace

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