Looking to Volunteer, Sutter Delta Hospital Provides Many Opportunities

By Sean Tongson

(Left to right) John Myers, David Greenlaw, and John Moriana

For many, fulfillment comes with retirement. Having worked tirelessly for many years and finally being able to enjoy the benefits of your life’s work, retirement is something many people look forward to and enjoy.

But for others, such as John Moriana, John Myers, and David Greenlaw, fulfillment instead comes with the opportunity of being able to help others in their community, by way of volunteering at Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch.

“I started volunteering at SDMC about 6 years ago,” said Myers, a resident of Brentwood. “I saw an ad in the newspaper and called about the position. It sounded fun.”

Myers, a 14 year resident of Brentwood, previously worked in various IT positions in an Oakland based firm. After spending 46 years working in IT, Myers still finds great satisfaction volunteering his services a few days a week.

“It is a good feeling to help,” said Myers, who initially started volunteering one half-day a week. “I now volunteer two half days a week and sometimes three times a week if I fill in for another volunteer. I think if someone is looking to volunteer somewhere, Sutter Delta Medical Center is a wonderful place to do it.”

Volunteer services at Sutter Delta Medical Center include assisting delivering meals to patients, directing hospital visitors and outpatients to their location for appointments or to see their loved ones, and occasionally assisting with patient discharges. Occasionally, volunteers will also deliver coffee and reading material to patient visitors in the morning, and also help maintain the hospital gift shop.

“I began volunteering at Sutter Delta in June 2010,” said Moriana, a resident of Oakley for the past 34 years. “I worked for what was known as Pacific Telephone and retired from what had become AT&T after 30 years of service in 2008.”

David Greenlaw, a lifelong resident of Contra Costa County, worked in the steel container business for 30 years, and even served for two years in the Vietnam War.

“I’ve been volunteering for 14 years,” said Greenlaw, who has lived in East County for the past 18 years. “I love volunteering for the satisfaction for myself, the community, and mostly, for the wonderful staff members.”

The staff at Sutter Delta Medical Center for their part, have been appreciative of what the volunteers do and what they mean to the hospital.

“I think the volunteers here are amazing men and women,” said longtime Sutter Delta employee Mike Pineda. “I appreciate the time they dedicate to this facility helping the community in all the needs that come about here. They are a huge help to our hospital, to the staff, physicians, and visitors.”

When asked how much longer they intend to continue volunteering, all three said they have no plans to quit anytime soon, talking about how much it means to them to continue to help people when they can and how much they enjoy it.

“I’ll do it for as long as I can,” said Greenlaw. “As long as I’m capable and able-bodied.”

Moriana says he enjoys the satisfaction he gets out of helping people.

“I know it is selfish, but very satisfying,” said Moriana. “I plan on volunteering at Sutter for as long as my body and mind will allow me.”

Myers also noted the friendships he’s made with fellow volunteers and members of the hospital staff will last for the rest of his life.

“I enjoy helping the people that ask for our help,” added Myers. “I have never thought about how much longer I will do it. Until it’s no longer fun for me. That could be next week or ten years from now.”

Sutter Delta Medical Center is currently looking for volunteers. Individuals who are interested may fill out an application either online or may take one home to fill out.

Applicants must first have a “meet and greet” session with the hospital’s volunteer coordinator, followed by a four week process of shadowing alongside a experienced volunteer making rounds throughout the hospital.

Once these steps are passed, then that person officially becomes a volunteer for the hospital.

For more information about Sutter Delta Medical Center, www.sutterdelta.org. For more on volunteer opportunities, click here.



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