Lone Tree Way Improvement Project Underway in Brentwood

By Sean Tongson

Photo by Sean Tongson

Work is currently underway to improve a section of eastbound Lone Tree Way in the City of Brentwood at its busy intersection with O’Hara Avenue.

The $400,000 project, which began in early March, will add right turn lanes on eastbound Lone Tree Way at its signalized intersection with O’Hara Avenue and at Smith Road, approximately 500 feet east. Prior to construction, utility companies relocated overhead poles in anticipation of the widening.

“The purpose of this project is to improve the vehicular turn movements at the intersections of Lone Tree Way with O’Hara Avenue and Smith Road,” said Brentwood Assistant Director of Public Works Jagtar Dhaliwal. “This work is expected to alleviate traffic within this segment of Lone Tree Way.”

According to Dhaliwal, most of the work on the project will start daily after 8:30 AM, and will take place outside of the existing traffic lanes, separated by concrete dividers. As a result, while there will only be a slight impact to traffic flow, motorists are advised to proceed with caution driving through the area, as the posted construction zone speed limit is 35 MPH.

While Lone Tree Way narrows and widens from two to four lanes in various parts east of Fairview Avenue to Brentwood Boulevard, there is currently no timetable on the full widening of the remaining segments of Lone Tree Way easterly of O’Hara Avenue.

“As of now, there are no projects being processed to widen these remaining segments,” added Dhaliwal, who added that any future widening of Lone Tree Way will be dependent upon the development of surrounding properties.

Barring any weather or any other unforseen delays in construction, the project is estimated to be completed by this summer, with both right turn lanes open for use.