Letter: Writer Provides “Chart of Facts” in District 3 Supervisor Race


Dear Editor:

In recent weeks, the voters have been treated to a barrage of campaign literature in the race for County Supervisor.  These pieces, sometimes produced by the candidates themselves, and sometimes by “independent expenditures” – persons unrelated to (and not endorsed by) the candidates, try to answer questions about:

  • who is environmentally friendly and who is supported by Big Oil;
  • who is fiscally accountable and who is not;
  • who has successfully been elected to greater positions of responsibility and who has not;
  • who is supported by law enforcement, fire and police, and who is not.

Of all the information in all of these pieces, there is ONE CHART that stands out, and says it all:

Click to enlarge

Susan Morgan
Oakley CA



  1. @ Lies,
    If you want to dispute the FACTS, why don’t you dispute the ones pointed out by Ms. Morgan and in the flyer? My guess is you cant. Or is innuendo your style?

  2. I received mailers from Big Oil supporting Mr. Barr – didn’t you? I also read in The Press that Mr. Barr was under investigation by the State for violating Campaign Finance Laws – didn’t you? These are all facts.

  3. Let’s see,
    One person closed 4 fire stations ? Don’t think so
    Who’s what budget was balanced by one person? I’m sure their staff did it
    One person allowed them self a raise? Doubt it.
    Who’s paying for campaign? Come on, this is no different in any election.
    Stretching the truth, absolutely!
    I’m for people making up their own mind. We don’t need, letters, ads, fliers that do exactly that, lie and stretch.

  4. Susan, your a dreaming. Anyone can do the same chart with statements like;

    Seat Jumper
    Dirty Money
    Backed by John Gioia (conflict)
    EBRPD has several added tax bonds on my tax bill
    Public Employee supporter mot public taxpayer supporter

    So, while your dreaming of special favors from Diane Burgis, Steve Barr is representing the taxpayers and residents of this county.

    My vote is for Steve Barr. I know I will be fairly represented.

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