Letter: Steve Barr Thanks Community for Support During Supervisor Race


Dear Editor:

With Election Day here, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you. This campaign has reaffirmed for me how proud I am to live in this community, and it’s the people that make our community so great.

I am very proud of the campaign we ran. My campaign stayed positive throughout the campaign, even when I was being attacked and my record was being distorted. This was a commitment I made to the community when I started the campaign, and I’m proud to have seen it through.

Over the last few months, as well as last spring during the primary election, I have walked door to door across most of the district. I walked so much I actually wore through two pairs of shoes. And by knocking on so many doors and meeting so many in the community I hope you saw firsthand the energy I bring to the job and how involved I would be in the actual community.

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with so many of you, and I learned a lot about the different communities within our community, as well as the daily struggles, the frustrations with policy, and the desire for actual change. Most of all I saw that the learning process is never over, and that there is always a need to be out in the community working directly with the people we serve. This job can’t be done stuck behind a desk.

And now that the campaign is coming to a close, I’d like to make one last ask for your vote. Representing you at the County would be a privilege, and a partnership that can get results for our community.

Thank you.

Steve Barr
Candidate for County Supervisor



  1. Sorry Steve but I have to throw the [email protected] flag on this one. I’ve walked precincts before, often times in larger districts, non stop, for longer election cycles. Your district is smaller and this race more compressed. IF you “wore through two pairs of shoes” either you need to see a podiatrist or you are lying. Based on your prior claims, I don’t think you have a walking problem….you DO have a talking problem. Please Steve whether you win or lose, STOP with the lying.

    Supervisor Piepho is leaving big shoes to fill, you don’t have big feet and obviously don’t know anything about shoes. Do you even know where the Delta is or how to lead? Diane Burgis does, which are two of many reasons to vote for her. I’m not sure you can see past Brentwood’s overcrowded, overbuilt borders. You should have tried for Mayor again, better to learn to walk before trying to run.

    Vote Diane Burgis.

  2. This man is so full of crap. He started the negative campaigning when he realized he was going to get his ass kicked. He has also said many stupid things during this campaign and has no real record of success except for going along with the flow. Vote for Burgis.

  3. Insider if your going to call someone a liar shouldn’t put your name on your comment?

    • Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not the one who is running for public office. Just look at Steve’s statements and the timeliness. Just read his campaign reports and his troubles with the FPPC. Just read about his dispute with his campaign manager. Contracts mean something to honest people. Just pay attention to the company he keeps. Draw your own conclusions.

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