Letter: Resident Supports Antioch’s Potential Move Towards Community Choice Energy

By Harry Thurston


The following letter to the editor was submitted by Harry Thurston

On June 13 the Antioch City Council will decide whether to join the Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority of MCE Clean Energy. MCE offers to each customer in their service area a choice on how much (50% or 100%) of their electric service comes from renewable sources (solar, wind, hydro, thermal) versus a significantly lower percentage mix by PG&E.

If the City joins with MCE, the amount of Green House Gases (GHG) released into the environment attributed to the City will be lower, reducing the City’s contribution to climate change.  In addition, joining with MCE will significantly help the City to meet the target goal of 25% reduction of GHG by 2020 and 80% reduction of GHG by 2035, Antioch City Council Resolution 2009/57. There are other ways that the City could reduce its GHG impact but none are less invasive to rate payers or less expensive overall than joining with MCE.

It is estimated that the MCE monthly cost to each individual rate payer will be low. For discussion only, if the MCI rate should settle at 1% above current PG&E rates (expectation is that the rate will be lower than PG&E rates), the current PG&E monthly bill is $100, then the comparative MCE bill would be $101, an additional $1 is not much to pay in order to make an impact on slowing climate change.

It may seem that Antioch joining with MCE is an inconsequential action relative to the overall issue of global warming. However, I am reminded of how a single grain of sand, when joined collectively, lock together to form a beach against the waves of climate change.

So join me on June 13, at the Antioch City Council Chambers, 200 H St., Antioch, 7 PM, to urge the Antioch City Council to pass an ordinance for the City to join with MCE.

If not for yourself, but for your children’s children along with all the other innocent life on this Earth.

Harry Thurston
Antioch, Ca 94531


  1. Let’s here the Trumpsters defend outdated energy practices because regulations and jobs and *incoherent redneck rambling*. “We want coal like our grand daddies, they had it and had slaves, we should bring them back too”.

  2. Say NO to this if for no other reason other than to trigger a libtard and watch them cry just for kicks.

  3. Mr. Thurston’s idea is not only well intentioned, but could have some great press for the Bay Area showing that WE residents are progressive, unselfish and a great place to live.

  4. Global warming is a damn lie, a hoax, not a real thing…. This has been happening for millennia!!!! It always works itself out… God is always in control of his CREATION

    • God helps those who help themselves. He gave us brains. Let’s use them. Every scientific body of national or international standing, like the National Academy of Sciences says AGW is an existential threat. NASA’s website has a list of all 230 of them.

      Want to do something big to fight climate change that won’t cost consumers or taxpayers anything–actually putting money in their pockets every month– and will create over 5 million clean-energy jobs and make the transition to a solar and wind within the next decade, using conservative economics, makret forces, not government regulations, so we can get a bill through Congress, Check out the Citizens Climate Lobby website for a proven plan that’s worked in British Columbia for the past 8 years, lowering taxes and energy bills, creating jobs and the best economy of any Canadian Province (The Economist). It also has a global “domino” effect, which will disasvantage countires that don’t cut their emissions as much as we do.

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